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Government Surveillance as Anarchists Travel to the RNC

Anarchists across the country are under 24 hour surveillance as they travel to New York for the Republican national Convention.
The following is an article put out by ABC on August 18th 2004. The
purpose of main stream media publicizing the surveillance is an obvious
effort to frighten people away from action in NYC. It should be taken
with a grain of salt, and obviously the fact that anarchists are being
targeted and surveilled comes of no suprise to most of us. Still this
article is a reminder to watch our backs not only in the coming days but
always as we brain storm, organize, and carry out any action in any

NYPD to Shadow 56 Protesters Believed Most Dangerous

By Marcus Solis

(New York-WABC, August 18, 2004) - An Eyewitness News
exclusive -- details on the incredible lengths the NYPD is taking
to keep the most radical protestors expected at the Republican
Convention under control.

Police are now tracking 56 potentially dangerous people.

Marcus Solis reports from Madison Square Garden.

While international terrorism remains a concern, this operation's
focus is primarily on anarchists, and how they plan to disrupt
the convention. This week the NYPD began instructing officers on
intelligence on this threat. They also began doling out
assignments, and for hundreds of officers that means surveillance
work that will begin next week.
And it starts for them with a trip out of town.

The debriefings have been taking place at John Jay College and
the Police Academy. Inside, the NYPD's intelligence division is
outlining security plans for the upcoming Republican National

The big concern: the anarchist groups which disrupted the W.T.O
conference in Seattle in 1999, and who have threatened to do the
same here. Sources say the NYPD has identified 56 primary
anarchists who will be followed 24 hours a day. One supervisor
and six cops will be assigned to each person.

Sources say detectives are leaving this weekend for Boston,
Washington D.C., North Carolina, and California to begin
surveillance and tail the protestors as they travel to New York.

Sources also say the department is preparing for protestors in
Central Park, convinced many demonstrators will descend on the
Great Lawn on Sunday, August 29th, regardless of whether a permit
is granted.

Another concern are small explosions set off in Midtown, aimed at
diverting manpower away from the convention site. Police have
already been holding drills where cops simulate a coordinated
response called a surge.

Much of the intelligence has come from NYPD cops who have infiltr
ated various protest groups. Sources say for nearly two years, as
many as 20 cops have been meeting with, traveling with, and
secretly reporting on the activists' plans.

On Thursday, the department will demonstrate training the
training that officers are receiving in arrest tactics. That is
for uniformed officers, but the bulk of the undercover work is to
be handled by the department's narcotics officers.

Madison Square Garbage 20.Aug.2004 21:25

Two Cents Worth

No matter how many precautions they take, they are going to be overwhelmed by the numbers. It makes the most sense to be as accomodating as possible to the peaceful protestors so that the entire thing doesn't turn into a riot.

Holding the convention in New York City is such an enormous mistake.

"anarchists!" 21.Aug.2004 11:45

theresa mitchell

Air America commentators are fulminating against "anarchists"—by which they apparently mean young, black-clad, bandanna-d cells—who, they fear, will throw the propaganda advantage at the Republican convention to the neocons.

They are forgetting that the neocon-aligned television broadcasters are notorious for distorting such coverage, to the point that they collaborate with the anti-protest authorities. Does anyone remember the "break-in" at the downtown Radio Shack in Seattle 1999, when the Sheriff stood by with a loaded Glock and an extra clip, doing nothing but displaying a smirk, as "anarchists" looted the store through a broken window? If the cameras had not been arranged to roll for the stunt—if it had been a real break-in—the Sheriff could and would have shot those men full of holes. In fact, they were working for him.

That coverage worked wonderfully for the World Trade Organization (read Republicans), and there is absolutely no reason they would not repeat the stunt. They will arrange a faked "riot," and they will provoke others. The cameras will roll. There is nothing any of us can do to stop that. They will get their "coverage of anarchist protesters going wild in New York—can there be enough police to stop them?"

This being the case, there is no reason to accept divisive talk from Air America or from anyone else. People are legitimately furious with the Republicans and their (pardon the redundancy) corporate fascism. The theft of the election, the constant attempts to destroy the Bill of Rights, the humiliating and disgusting spectacle of their wars, the threat to "postpone" the next election—all of these are reasons they should be confronted with everything the people have to throw at them.

So, I salute the protesters who will, as best they can in the face of illegal prohibitions, attempt to remain peaceful in New York. They will be joined by others who have, understandably, lost their sense of civility, at least when it comes to confronting fascism.
All will be smeared as members of an unruly mob.

The Republicans must face the fact that this confrontation was fated by their excesses.

Their Own Fault 21.Aug.2004 15:00

Cheney Watch

Yup, they might as well have said, "Bring it on!" when they decided to situate the convention in NYC.