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Ex-felons CAN vote in Oregon -- could mean 21,000 Democrat ballots

Unlike many states, ex-felons have their voting rights restored automatically. If you are, or if you know an ex-felon make sure you know your rights. The last presidential election was decided by only 6,700 votes.
The last presidential election cycle was decided by just a 0.4 percent margin in Oregon. That's only about 6,700 hundred votes.

The Western Prison Project estimates that as many as 30,000 ex-felons in Oregon may not have registered because they don't know or have been misinformed as to their voting rights.

They also estimate that 70 to 80 percent would vote Democrat. That would bump the margin by four times -- making a nearly 2 percent differential in the popular vote.

I never thought it was that big a group. But it was driven home when I read an article in the magazine "In These Times." It started with a conversation that was a near perfect echo of one I'd had with a co-worker.

"I can't vote yet. I'm not allowed," he said. That's true in many states. Consider that in Jeb Bush's Florida the governor must grant permission on a case-by-case basis to reinstate voting rights. It's not so in Oregon.

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Why would a rational ex-felon vote for democrats? 20.Aug.2004 18:25


1) demcrats (TIp O'Neal specifically) sponsored the racist crack cocaine laws that have filled prisions with individuals for minor drugs sales, especially minorities. I personally know someone who served 9 years & 4 months for a second conviction for selling $20 of crack.
In many is instances, these inmates are serving longer sentences than those convicted of 2nd degree murder, rape, etc.

2) Democrats don't want to repeal these laws because it would make them look " soft on crime" and these inmates represent profits to democratic corporate prision donors.

3) Name me ONE democrat who would have commuted all those death sentences, as the former republician Gov. of illinois did, because the
"system was flawed". Even Arnold in Calif., who I despise, pardoned a convicted of murder; no way gray Davis would have done it.

Democrats, including little Johnnie kerry , are unworthy of ex-felon votes.

I'm voting (write in) Nader & I hope John Kerry loses the election.

Idealism versus incrementalism 21.Aug.2004 07:37

Hal E. Burton

It'd be great to live in an ideal world, but we don't.

Politics -- by it's very name -- is about polarities, and therefore compromises. It does come down to the lesser of two evils in many, many instances.

(I gave at the limits to Nader last time through, but voted for Gore. This IS a swing state and the system is what it is.)