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are they ready for us at the rnc?

black bloc video propaganda and aa critic of our movement
the voice and the soul of modern dissent is in a state of confusion, it is factionalized, dominated by traditional reformist bsed personalities, and it clings to a doctrine blouted with the dead and dying tactics of the past. the mainstream movement is packed with groups that refuse to play nice with eachother thus underminding any attempt at a united front. we not only attack ourselves internally but now more than ever we are being assualted from the external by reationary state sponsored police tactics. these realities make the enemy's objectives easy and his primary tactic visible, that is to divide and conquer, the other facets of this offensive that are being employed are the use of "free speech zones" a big deterent the tired mass convergence to voice discontent, and the other being harrasment and intimadation of the vocal of the activist community; the stage to defeat disssent is almost complete. what response can we employ to counter our very demise? is there an answer to this situation? perhaps a shift in doctrine and in our tactics. we need to overcome internal squabbles and forge a coalition that presents at least on the surface a united front. it should no longer be thousands of voices speaking out against the evil empire and nothing is heard. we need to decentralize our actions, treking to the traditional sites of protest is being shut down. historical occasions such as rnc, dnc, g8 wto, imf ect have been countered by the "free speech zones" controlling the crowd and limiting the numbers. we must continue to show defiance by atending these protests,supporting those who make the journey and submitting to the "freee speec zones". these events are almost like activist holidays, we get our selves all worked up for this protest or that demonstration and in between we plan for the next big day out, we need to make everday a big day out. we need to hold solidarity actions in other locations to coincede with these major events. we need to turn the media ours and the the corporate media into a weapon, wars are decided on the battlefield but the are won or lost in the media. we must ask ourselves if we can continue to be a viable voice in this new enviroment and what we will need to do to evolve to bring our factionalized, mostly marginalized and soon to be extinct voice into the modern world and be heard.

the activist community is a patch work of ideas and cuasess, it is riddled with factional infighting and does little to form a common voice ethat can be clearly heard, and being heard we can educate the masses and encourage more sysmpathy amongst the masses for cuases. we have now divided ourselves we have befuddled our message so that people can not hear us and tom ridges goons can now easily defeat us. we are diveded all they have to do is conquer us. we fight ourselves more than we fight the system we proclaim to have grievances with. while the secert thought police capitalize on our factional fighting we accomplish nothing but the appearence of a collection of political/ ideological extremists and tree hugging hippies. it is of the utmost importantance that we as dissenters let go of our differences. we need to form a coalition that will be a united front against the terror that seeps from the white house and is managed over king george the dubya.

gone are the days of massive protests held during tradtional events, there are to be no more mass convergences and marches. this tactic in practice but not in spirit is dead, we need to continue to show at these events but we need to co-ordindate solidarity actions. we need to support those brave comrades who endure the "free speech zones" by spontanousely demostrating elsewhere. the department of homeland insecurity has used this tactic to silence our voices we have to respond by countering with solidarity rallies and by creating new "holidays of dissent". the solution is simple if we are being detered from attending these tradtional activities by the use of "free spech zones", by the overwhelming presence of jackbooted roit goons, and by the harrassment of organizers and activists by the door to door visits of special agent mcnazi and his anti thought squad then we need to take our voice to our own streets. dissent globally take action locally.

the tactics of a new united movemnent of dissent should inlude evolved versions from the past and entirely new ones if we are to succeed in this struggle. it is no longer enough to just simply attend these traditional sites of dissent we need to bring it home to our own backyard. we need to counter the enemy's move with our response of guerrilla tactics "spontaneous" autonomous direct action and protest everywhere. why limit things to new york next week? every city should hold its own version of events in solidairity. we need to employ our media as a weapon of propaganda and enlightenment. let us steal back what has been stolen from us, our lives and our future. vive the dissednt!!!!!

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decentralized actions 21.Aug.2004 09:26

in NYC and at home

We need to act loudly and clearly in both places. Not everyone can go to New York City, so what will we do here in PDX while the RNC is happening?
It's true that we are factionalized to the point of ineffectiveness- our lack of strategy plays right into the hands of the right. We're tired, we're angry, and we are even more easily quieted now, than we were in the early days of the Shrub's administration.
But, can't we at least agree on a few simple points?

Health Care For ALL Americans.
Housing for ALL.
Jobs for ALL.
Education (including college) for ALL.

These are a few of the things that most Americans are sick about and care deeply about and (sorry to say) not what is going on with Palestinians, or in other foreign countries. We need to start with the basics conditions and services that Americans lack, and build from that unity.
People can't care about others' concerns until their own immediate needs are taken care of.
This is Psych 101 (Maslow's hierarchy of Human Needs).