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"Hail to the Thief 2" is now available

Songs to Send Bush Packing!
They are at it again, folks!!

Just when you thought that you didn't have enough dance music for the regime change George and Julius have just finished producing their new CD.

"Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing!"

It's set for August 27 release.

"They say that with friends like these....... well, let's just say Julius and I are honored and excited as all heck to be on an album with Utah Phillips, Faith Petric, Tom Paxton, Pat Humphries and Sandy O, Kim and Reggie Harris, Magpie, Mark Levy, the Bay Area's Labor Heritage/Rockin' Solidarity Chorus, and all the other great singers on this new album."

Click this link for our webpage and scroll down for info and audio clips from the CD:


or click this link to go straight to the totally awesome audio clips:


You can order by going to the web site and check out the poster/order form. Their "2 for $25 (including postage)" offer also applies to this CD. CDs can be ordered for $15 each from "George Mann, PO Box 697, New York, NY 10033." Online purchase at CDBABY.com will also be up by August 27.

Thanks for your support. We're working hard to send Dubya back to Texas! Besides gigs in the NYC area, George and Julius will be heading west 9/24 - 10/3 for gigs in California, Nevada, Salt Lake City and Colorado-- check "Welcome and Upcoming Gigs" button on webpage for info.

Pro-Labor, Anti-Bush folk music
WOW!! 20.Aug.2004 15:05


Cool line up!