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Pacific Green Party fields record number of candidates

Greens hold press conference on Monday to turn in candidate statements.
Press Release
Contact: Chuck Fall
Portland Metro Pacific Green Party

The Pacific Green Party will field a record number of candidates for county, state legislative and federal congress seats. Candidates will hold a press conference Monday, August 23 at 11a.m. at the Capitol Press Corps and Associate Press room in the Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon to announce their candidacies. Deadline for filing voter pamphlet statements, minor party nomination and other documents is August 24.

Candidates expected to declare their candidacy include: Teresa Keane for 1st Congressional District; Mitch Besser for 5th Congressional District; Jeff Strang for state Senate District 22; Steve Geiger for state House District 28; Liz Trojan for state House District 35; Curt Sommer for state House 37; Chuck Fall for state House District 42 and Lori Burton for Linn County Commissioner #2.

David Cobb will be on the Oregon ballot as the Pacific Green candidate for U.S. President. Patricia LaMarche will be the Vice-Presidential candidate.

Chuck Fall, green party candidate and co-chair of the Portland Metro Pacific Greens dismisses claims from Democratic Party activists that greens will spoil chances for moderates to get into state and federal legislatures. "It won't make any difference if a Democrat is not re-elected to these legislatures. The Republicans already dominate the federal congress and the Oregon state house. There is nothing to spoil. More likely, a Green can infuse new ideas because they aren't encumbered by party animosity. They can reach across party lines and build coalitions around shared interests," he said.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pacificgreens.org/

PGP Must Want Amer to Win in 1st CD 19.Aug.2004 11:12

Defeat the GOP

Having Keane in the 1st District congressional race does nothing but help Ameri unless PGP members/supporters realize by November 2 that, even if they consider Wu the lesser of 2 evils, they will be helping Republicans on November 2 if they vote for Keane instead of Wu -- unless they want to go directly to the GOP's help and pick Ameri, which will be net of effect of voting to Keane to begin with.


I wish Democratic party supporters would catch a clue 19.Aug.2004 12:37

Brian Setzler

When will Democrats learn that Greens aren't going to support pro-corporate, status quo candidates?

I am also suprised that Democrats rarely, if ever, reach out to Greens to build bridges and seek support. Instead, they work hard to be more Republican-like and then use us as a scapegoat when we participate.

THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19.Aug.2004 13:03

Chix Lil'

Oh my god, what about the Libertarian Candidate, Richard Whitehead - US House District 1---he will take votes away from Goli!!!!!

Hey Defeat the Gop, maybe people are sick of dems that sell them out. Screw WU and screw U2.

Look at the numbers 19.Aug.2004 13:04


Defeat the GOP's whiny anti-democratic regurgitation of the "spoiler" argument is getting rather annoying.

For the record, there are also Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates in the 1st District race. The Pacific Green Party is there to provide balance to a strongly pro-corporatist, right-wing message being presented by the other four candidates.

Next, David Wu is certainly not looking out for all of us. Look at www.opensecrets.org to see where Wu is getting his money. He and Ameri have _exactly_ the same percentage of contributions from out-of-state - 64%! If both of these people are getting a large majority of their contributions from corporations, PACs and wealthy individuals who don't live in Oregon, do you really think that either of them is going to look out for your interests?

Finally, Ameri only has $441,755 in cash on hand. Wu has $1,559,272. That's a ridiculous discrepancy between the two. If Wu can't win as an incumbent with a ridiculously large war chest (and two right-wing third party candidates to drain support from the Republican) then maybe he really is just as much of a chump as he seems.

Forget about defeating the GOP and start concentrating on defeating the duopoly 19.Aug.2004 14:28


Mark Twain once said "Whenever you find that you are in the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"

The "Anybody but Bush" crowd is certainly in the majority on the "left", so perhaps it is time for them to give their "reactionary linear thinking" a break and take Twains advice?

Even semi-politically astute people know damm well that our "one party two wing" system has more commonality than they do that is different. That is not to say that there are not differences between Bush and Kerry, there are!
But those differences essentially amount to "window dressing" when taking a closer look at the issues that matter most. I.E. Globilization, the eradication of our civil liberties, militarism, plundering of the environment, and the drive to maintain empire to sustain our consumer culture at all costs.

The fact that Kerry is a kinder gentler version of "fascist-lite" should not be a good enough reason for any progressive minded person to succumb to the corporate media driven "lesser of two evils" logic, (yet again.)

At some point, smart progressive minded people need to begin to see the folly in voting out frick and voting in frack as a solution. The record of the failure of this approach is there for anyone who has not abandoned their critical thinking skills or who are too lazy to look beyond the 30 second mindless ads.

If the Clinton record did not convince you that these guys are all puppets of the corporate oligarchy, what the hell will???

David Wu needs to go down and to rationalize support for him on the basis he is not as bad as Ameri, is both void of logic and a fundamentally flawed approach that is responsible for why we find ourselves in the desperate situation we are in.

The lifeblood of the Democratic party has been and remains "We are not as bad as them!"
To quote "Bullworth", they still believe they can rely on "What are you gonna do, vote Republican?"

The question is how long are people of conscience going to continue to be baited into this insane way of viewing their duty in what is left of our democracy?

I agree with StevetheGreen 19.Aug.2004 14:49

Brian Setzler

Greens will not support the lesser of two evils. We've seen the results and we end up with one corporate party, two wings.

I'll bet you Greens would support Wu and drop out of the race if he would stop taking corporate $. So here's a challenge Mr. Wu: When are you going to stop taking corporate bribes?

Damned if you, damned if you don't 19.Aug.2004 16:01

Andy The Green

Hey good people in the PGP, keep fighting the good fight.

Isn't it outrageous that we Greens get criticized when we run a presidential candidate on the grounds we should be building from the bottom up,then when we run in local races, we get criticized some more?

The best way for Demos to keep the Greens from gaining ground is to stick to some of their party's former principles.

The Dems have become a right-of-center party, the Reps a right-wing party. There's plenty of room for a party to the left of center.

When my little boy gets a little older, I'll be right back there with you fighting for what's right (er, left). In the meantime, you've got my vote and a few of my meager dollars.

whining liberal soft ass democrats 19.Aug.2004 18:06


My Dear Defeat the GOP,

Responding to your comment up there about having Keane the Green in D1 is somehow a negative thing, people voting for her are really helping the gop pig. well, there's really only one thing to say to that, screw you. you whining liberal soft ass democrat. if dems had candidates worth voting for they wouldn't be so threatened by those with truly solid platforms.

i'd vote for Keane because she's the best candidate to represent the people in D1. apparently that's a poor reason to cast a vote these days.

I even registered Pacific Green Party. 19.Aug.2004 20:34


I just got my voter registration confirmation in the mail today... whee... planning on voting for as many Greens as possible... the only party with enough steam to confront the corporate duopoly... yadda yadda...

Somebody should start an instant-runoff voting initiative here. That would help immensely.

Come to our next meeting!!!! 20.Aug.2004 10:22


The PDX Greens are having their next Chapter meeting next Wed., 8-25-04, at the Central Library in the Public Meeting Room, from 6:45-8:45 p.m.

We are planning on endorsing either Francesconi (ha ha ha) or Potter for mayor. This is a great opportunity to meet your future mayor, meet some of our local candidates and find out what we're up to. We have several exciting activities planned as we head into the fall election season and would like to connect with our constituency.

Hope to see you there!!!!

PGP Rocks! Go Local Candidates! 20.Aug.2004 10:58

another x-dem

Thanks PGP! You rock, we need more green/progressive candidates at the local level. I'm very happy with the PGP decision to focus it's energy on local races this year and not get involved with the presidential campaign mess or nader campaign! You have my vote. Where do I send my check to help these folks out - will that be announced on Monday?

PGP Address 20.Aug.2004 11:43


Pacific Green Party
205 SE Grand #201
Portland, OR 97214


As Dick Cheney says. . . 21.Aug.2004 11:13

Hal E. Burton

"Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn't do any good if lose."

That's on page 178 of "Worse than Watergate" by John Dean, former counsel to Nixon. Just make sure you know who you are up against and how they play the game.