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9.11 investigation

Best and worst 9/11 websites

"Oil Empire is among the best current political websites.  9/11 has been examined by hundreds of writers, some of them quite excellent and others more limited -- but there are still other 9/11 sites whose illogic and rhetorical chicanery suggests disinformation. Oil Empire is by far the best resource for discriminating among the various 9/11 sites, seeking the genuine and avoiding the bogus." - Jamey Hecht, Assistant Managing Editor, fromthewilderness.com
Best 9/11 websites

Bogus 9/11 websites

Understanding 9/11 paradigms: Incompetence, Blowback, Perle Harbor or Reichstag Fire?

9/11 wargames

evidence for remote control on 9/11

we need a truth and reconciliation commission for 9/11

motivations for 9/11

Try a couple of good web sites! 19.Aug.2004 16:14

Bird Dog

the two links "In Plane Site" and "lets roll" are both considered bogus by many 21.Aug.2004 05:20


and for good reason....read all about it at oilempire.us

911 Lets Roll and In Plane Site are Right Wing Sites 23.Aug.2004 15:24


See where they are linked . . .


Their goal is to discredit real 911 research by attempting to associate it with pods, missiles, holograms, etc.

9-11 video '911 in Plane Site' 23.Aug.2004 20:08


hey trolls, don't be afraid of the truth of the movie IN PLANE SIGHT.

reviewed here:

NEW 9-11 video '911 in Plane Site' screened in Sacramento, CA; left audience stunned

You can watch free clips of it for yourself at the links in the article.

PlaneSight is just a bad joke 24.Aug.2004 00:52

pod people

Plane Sight is worth watching -- to understand how misinformation and disinformation is used to discredit social justice movements.

Their "pod plane" campaign is just a bad joke -- it is merely a carefully selected photo of the underside of Flight 175 that highlights the oval shaped connector between the wing and the fuselage on the 767. They continue to promote totally debunked nonsense as somehow exposing official complicity -- which serves to discredit material from actual researchers such as Michael Ruppert ( http://www.fromthewilderness.com) and Paul Thompson ( http://www.cooperativeresearch.org).

For a detailed review see:


"I guess it is painfully clear that I am a film director, not a private investigator."
- William Lewis, director, "In Plane Sight," July 17, 2004, admitting one of the many mistakes surrounding this phony film
after threatening to sue the webmaster of oilempire.us for pointing out some of the film's flaws

Oil Empire Website Linked to Carlyle Group 01.Sep.2004 16:20

John Houston

The Oil Empire website that everyone keeps referencing has ties to big oil and to the Carlyle Group. Just do a "whois" search on the website and do a little investigative footwork. This information has been out there for a very long time. I can't believe you people still buy in to the Robinowitz scheme of BIG OIL and BIG PROFITS made from war. He admits this much right on his website where he talks about "peak oil."

My advice: Watch 911 in plane site and see for yourself.

indymedia needs an editor to keep right wingers from spamming the board 18.Sep.2004 01:59

here's the carlyle connection

Pod People 12.Aug.2005 13:48


Bull Shit.

Try googling for [Url= http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=%22in+plane+sight%22+review&meta=]"in plane sight" review[/url].

What you will find - once you venture outside of the 'gushing reviews only' movie homepage of In Plane Sight itself - is almost exclusively a string of reviews pointing out the very high disinfo/useful info ratio contained within the film. The best example of IPS critique: www.911review.com

Essentially, IPS promotes too many obviously flawed points, while avoiding too many of the valuable points, to be a coincidence. Either it's a classical disinfo work, or it's very amateurishly made. Which one doesn't matter.

My opinion, which I share with just about every 911 site which I respect, is that David von Kleist is psy-ops.

For more factual and well-researched walkthrough of the evidence, I recommend "[url= http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=%22painful+deceptions%22+download&meta=]painful deceptions[/url]", and Mike Rupperts [url= http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=%22truth+and+lies%22+ruppert+download&meta=]"Truth and lies of 911"[/url], and also the slightly flawed [url= http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=%22painful+deceptions%22+download&meta=]painful deceptions[/url]", and Mike Rupperts [url= http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=%22truth+and+lies%22+ruppert+download&meta=]"Truth and lies of 911"[/url], and also the slightly flawed [url= link to www.google.dk]"loose change"[/url]. All have minor-to-medium flaws IMO; but they are much, much, MUCH better than IPS.

"Oilempire" website is obvious disinfo 30.Aug.2006 12:49


Just a cursory look at the "Oilempire" website shows what it is: a disinformation website, a "plant" designed to both steer curious people away from the truth about 9/11 and away from the best pieces of evidence; and also to "poison the well" as the expression goes, by advocating things that can be easily disproven so that in the shooting down of THEM it makes it easier for their bosses in the field of "perception management" to tar REAL 9/11 truth websites as being more of the same. Any 9/11 website that claims to be about truth but not only downplays the obvious controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC # 7, but goes so far as to argue AGAINST controlled demolition should send up a lot of red flags as being a disinfo tool. Some of the basic underlying ideas on Oilempire are sound, which is hardly surprising given that the ones it serves have access to the real motives and ambitions behind 9/11, and given that this is the way disinfo sites normally operate, in having SOME legitimate information to disguise their disinfo and make them appear honest. Bottom line-- if you want real 9/11 truth information it is best to avoid Oilempire and don't quote from them in an argument, because they are 100% certainly a disinfo "plant" website, ultimately serving the ones who have a vested interest in keeping the truth of 9/11 buried as deep as possible.