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VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Shut Down Umpqua Bank

On Wednesday morning, Augusat 18, 2004, a group of forest advocates shut down the 11th and NW Lovejoy branch of the Umpqua Bank in Portland Oregon. Once an activist in owl costume locked down to a large tree stump placed on the sidewalk in front of the bank, the festivities, chanting and theatre began.
During the closure, demonstrators handed out literature detailing their grievances with the management of the Bank, which is tied to old growth logging in the Pacific Northwest. According to the protest spokesperson on site, "Umpqua Bank has close ties to Herbert Lumber and Roseburg Forest Products.....supports the old growth logging industry of Oregon, destroying our water, our wildlife and our forests, while greenwashing their image in Portland and across the state to increase their market. We're here to expose these ties."
Asked if these antics might succeed only in alienating the public, the spokesperson for the group replied, "it's an important part of bringing the message to the public, to be able to engage in non violent civil disobedience. And it's an important part in how we can protect our National Forests from the commercial timber sale program. When the politicians and the corporations are not listening to the public, which is overwhemingly opposed to continuing to log our old growth forests.....We have to take our message to the street." Police appeared rapidly, and, other than pulling down banners from the building, did not interfere with the demonstration. It was said that the manager of the bank requested the affair be kept low key as possible,which meant no charges were being pressed against those who had basically shut their business down, poured sawdust all over the sidewalk, and performed street theatre in the middle of the upscale Pearl district. An officer told me that folks across the street were miffed by the activities and called out to have the demonstration ended, yet, since no laws were being broken, police didn't interfere in the activities. I've never seen such mellow and accomodating police officers in my life, especially during an instance of civil disobedience.
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photos? 19.Aug.2004 11:30


can you post a picture for those of us without video or audio capabilities please?

Photos Grabbed From Video 19.Aug.2004 12:42


Trying this for the first time. Hopefully this will work and give an idea, in photos, of the action
Cheerleaders doing their thing and keeping the crowd in good humor
Cheerleaders doing their thing and keeping the crowd in good humor
Owl blowing the whistle on Umpqua Bank
Owl blowing the whistle on Umpqua Bank
Wheeling the stump into place for the lockdown
Wheeling the stump into place for the lockdown

more photos 19.Aug.2004 13:53

are here

Tree killers! 19.Aug.2004 17:08


Where'd they get that huge stump?

photo 20.Aug.2004 12:01


another photo

There's plenty of big stumps 21.Aug.2004 15:37

out there...

Just gotta look around. Lots of people are killing trees. It's the thing we're trying to stop :)