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UPDATED: Weekly SubVertical Meeting

Subvertical is a new anarchist group to Portland (www.subvertical.org) we like to focus on making anarchy (real anarchy without hierarchy or judgment) a respected and popular ideal. We are small now and for our movement to grow in mass we will need more people, this means you!
As a group we are pro love, peace and equal treatment of all living things because we understand that violence only breeds more violence. We are also what many would call "militant" in our actions and will not hide that because we are both committed to and proud of actions that further our cause/way of life. In short we are here to shake this town up, to inspire with fresh ideas the dying anarchist community of this city and to generally create a society (at least among ourselves) free of negative prejudgments and hierarchal secrets passed only among the elite. If you agree with these things or just want to check us out feel free to come on down to our meeting! When: Every Tuesday afternoon at 7:00PM Where: 1880 SW 5th ave. Inside the Westfal apartments Just call when you get there and someone will let you in (there is a payphone right across the street) Who: Anyone who is empowered by their anarchistic ideals and is fully equipped with a desire to revive the anarchist scene in p-town with a new group founded on respect for everyone. http://www.subvertical.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.subvertical.org
phone: phone: 971-404-9449
address: address: 1880 SW 5th ave