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MP3: Story about Preserves & Produce for People Not Profit event on KBOO

This 12:13 minute MP3 is the segment from Monday's "Food Show" on KBOO that covered the Preserves & Produce for People Not Profit event that happened at People's Food Co-op last Saturday. Kate Welch is the interviewer and producer. In this segment, the listener will find out all about the money-free barter event, in the words of the participants. How is a food-swap an example of anti-capitalist organizing? What are the advantages of decommodifying food? What are the delicious items that people brought and went away with? Find out all this and more in this fun, informative piece.

For the pdx indymedia story, with photos, of same event, click here.

2.2M - lower quality
2.2M - lower quality
4.4M - higher, rebroadcast quality
4.4M - higher, rebroadcast quality
Yay, KBOO! And thanks, Kate, for giving me a CD of your show!
Great Interviews! 18.Aug.2004 22:33


Sounds like the event went really well. Awesome job SpArk for making it all possible. Great interviews, thanks Kate. I look forward to more events like this in the future.