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Tre Arrow and his diet.

I would like someone to please help me understand Tre Arrows insistence on eating only raw veggies?
This is not a slam at Tre Arrow, I just want to understand his point of view.

Ok, Tre is locked up in a foreign jail cell, and is given a nutritious meal, 3 times a day. I understand that many think that the food he was given is unhealthy, and that may well be true, but I don't think too many people could successfully argue that it isn't nutritious. People have been known to live 70+ years on prison food. It may not taste good, or be healthy, or ethically sound, but it is nutritious.

Now, he refuses to eat the normal prison chow, because it contains meat. Ok, I'm fine with that. He has his principles and I'm not questioning them.

So, its my understanding that the prison offered him a vegetarian diet. It sounded to me like it wasn't very nutritious because it lacked certain food items that the body needs to stay healthy. Plus it wasn't a vegan diet. Once again, I understand that Tre refused to eat it because it wasn't a vegan diet. I have no problem with that.

Finally, (correct me if I'm wrong on any part of this), He was offered cooked vegetables, but Still Tre Arrow refused to eat them because it wasn't a Raw Vegan diet.

Now here is where I need help. If this is true, I don't understand why he would allow himself to deteriorate to a point that has effected his heath enough to be hospitalized.

How are raw vegetables more ethical to eat than cooked vegetables? I'm not talking about his preferences, or belief that raw veggies are better for you than cooked ones. I'm wanting to know how is it unethical to eat cooked vegetables?

From the description people have left on this website about his health, it is very evident that even if he makes a recovery his has done permanent harm to his body and brain, heart, and other internal organs, and has taken decades off the back end of his life.

I'm not suggesting that he should have given in and ate a not-vegetarian diet, I'm only wanting to know the decision process he used in refusing to eat cooked vegetables?

Possible reasons 18.Aug.2004 22:04


He's against the establishment, fervently acts on his ideals, so I guess this is just another way that he can fight against the system. Of course, this is not to say that he doesn't "believe in" his diet. I'm sure it's pretty healthy. But, I don't know. Sometimes it seems like people make themselves suffer unnecessarily. Or martyr themselves without actually doing much for their causes. Couldn't he be doing more for his cause *outside* of jail?

valid thoughts..... 18.Aug.2004 22:53

Tre's sister

You bring up some valid points, and I will ask Tre these questions over the weekend...i know some of the answers, but will get firsthand responses for your inquiry....

Wondering the same thing ourselves 19.Aug.2004 09:10


My partner and I were discussing this just last night.

It seems to us that most raw foodists are usually doing it for their health, but starving one self to the point of illness would be counter-productive.

We too have a hard time seeing this as an ethical issue.

self-aggrandizement? 19.Aug.2004 12:56


I haven't helped but get the impression through the years that this boy has a craving for fame and popularity, to the point of extreme self-detriment. Ripping off a store while fugitive appears to have been a move to get himself caught so that he can get back into the news. Starving and injuring himself rather than to eat cooked veggies, even some dairy, also appears to run along this vein. The boy has suffered mostly from his own doing. How much has he truly helped the causes he has supposedly been fighting for?

Not a nutritionist 19.Aug.2004 18:06

but I play one on tv

A vegan raw food diet can be very healthy and healing. With all diets, you need fresh produce, variety, clean water, good mental and emotional outlook, etc. Just because Tre is thin does not mean he is starving or unhealthy. However, I am sure his captors are not considering what is necessary for a healthy vegan diet, let alone a raw vegan diet. American society is accustomed to weights and body sizes that are much larger than most of the world. And it is not because Americans are healthier, you can be big and also be starving for nutrients.

Couple of corrections 24.Aug.2004 19:46

Jane Doe, Earth First (BC)

First, the jailers haven't offered Tre a diet of cooked vegetables. That would constitute special treatment and they won't provide special treatment to anyone.
Second, cooked food wastes fuel and other resources. Tre has explained this several times. He doesn't want to be responsible for more resource extraction and global warming. The rest of us would do well to follow his example.
Finally, I would ask the smug, self-righteous prisoner bashers to please shove their heads up their asses. These folks apparently get off on slagging people; possibly out of jealousy. They envy the attention Tre is getting so they accuse him of being a publicity hound. How stupid can you get?
I won't bother with a point by point rebuttal. The idiots above serve to distract us from the fact that people die in Canadian and US jails every single day, mostly from neglect and abuse. Prisoners don't have the basic human rights the rest of us take for granted. We are fighting for prisoner-bashers rights too, even though they are too ignorant to understand that.