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Thursday Goli Ameri Collects $1000 PAC Checks in Washington

On Thursday, August 19, GOP Congressional Candidate Goli Ameri will be in Washington, DC for a $1000-a-PAC luncheon organized for her by Republican operatives.
The National Republican Congressional Committee website calendar has announced the event as follows:

August 19, 2004
12:00 p.m.
Please join us for a luncheon in support of Goli Ameri, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District, Oregon
Signatures Restaurant, 801 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC
$500 PER INDIVIDUAL / $1,000 PER PAC; Please make check payable: Goli Ameri for Congress, PO Box 2601, Alexandria, VA 22301
Patty Roe; Telephone: 703-577-7132; Email:  PATTYROE@COMCAST.NET


The above event is coming on the heels of the reported $200,000 which Ameri's campaign received from the $1000-a-person fundraiser which Vice President Cheney spoke at in Portland just three weeks ago.

Beware the Republican money flowing into Oregon's 1st congressional district.
Beware of corporate money flowing to Wu 19.Aug.2004 09:55


Both Republicans and Democrats do their bidding for the corporate class. I'm sure Wu has tons of corporate money as well.

Vote Green. Vote Teresa Keane in the 1st Congressional District

Pacfic Green Party Must Want GOP to Win 19.Aug.2004 10:15

Defeat the GOP

Having Keane in the race does nothing but help Ameri unless PGP members/supporters realize by November 2 that, even if they consider Wu the lesser of 2 evils, they will be helping Republicans on November 2 if they vote for Keane instead of Wu -- unless they want to go directly to the GOP's help and pick Ameri, which will be net of effect of voting to Keane to begin with.


Look at the numbers 19.Aug.2004 13:03


Defeat the GOP's whiny anti-democratic regurgitation of the "spoiler" argument is getting rather annoying.

For the record, there are also Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates in the 1st District race. The Pacific Green Party is there to provide balance to a strongly pro-corporatist, right-wing message being presented by the other four candidates.

Next, David Wu is certainly not looking out for all of us. Look at www.opensecrets.org to see where Wu is getting his money. He and Ameri have _exactly_ the same percentage of contributions from out-of-state - 64%! If both of these people are getting a large majority of their contributions from corporations, PACs and wealthy individuals who don't live in Oregon, do you really think that either of them is going to look out for your interests?

Finally, Ameri only has $441,755 in cash on hand. Wu has $1,559,272. That's a ridiculous discrepancy between the two. If Wu can't win as an incumbent with a ridiculously large war chest (and two right-wing third party candidates to drain support from the Republican) then maybe he really is just as much of a chump as he seems.

Wu and corporate $ 19.Aug.2004 14:51

Brian Setzler

I wonder how many $1000/plate dinners Wu attended to get his $1.5 campaign cash? You don't get this kind of money in $50 increments from your constituents.