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Nader campaign can beat Kerry

As the article below explains, we can beat Kerry and the Democrats by making them lose the election. Because the Democrats routinely betray progressives and working-class people, and because they have turned into fascists, we must kill them dead.
August 18, 2004

Nader Looms Large

By John Pearce, AlterNet

Fans and foes of Ralph Naders '04 presidential candidacy are in pitched debate about whether he should be in the race. But another question looms even larger: what impact is Nader having on the probable outcome of the election?

This question comes down to Nader's state-by-state impact in the Electoral College. As the 2000 election made painfully clear, a small number of votes in a tightly contested swing state can elect a president, regardless of who gets more votes in the country as a whole.

We have tracked all national and swing-state polling data since Nader announced his candidacy, and have just released an interactive tracking tool that shows, at a single keystroke, the best current estimate of the Electoral College outlook - with and without Nader's effect. Based on data from the non-partisan PollingReport.com, and using the most recent, most reliable "likely voter" poll available for each state, the findings are remarkable.

Nader's presence in the race is currently taking Kerry from Electoral College victory to a dead heat with Bush. As shown by the "Nader 04 Impact Map," at  http://www.theunitycampaign.org/battleground/, Nader costs Kerry slight leads in Minnesota and Missouri, and gives Bush slight leads in Ohio and Nevada. No less crucial, Nader may also tip the balance in several states that are essentially tied (Iowa, West Virginia, New Hampshire, and Maine), where his support equals or exceeds the margin between Bush and Kerry.

These results will of course be controversial, despite our reliance on non-partisan data and professional polling best-practice. Polling is imprecise, and, as we continuously update the Impact Map with new polls, the outlook will continue to evolve.

But polling offers the best available evidence regarding our initial question. "What impact is Nader having on the probable outcome of the election?" On this question, the answer is clear. At this time, despite his low polling and lack of popular support, Nader's candidacy seems dangerously likely to tip the balance to George Bush.

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Cry Me A Fucking River, Johnny 19.Aug.2004 07:44

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

You can't deign to acknowledge that you need what remains of the anti-war/anti-corporate block for victory, so you treat it like shit and then later will feign surprise and blame Nader for doing nothing more than giving the disaffected a focus for their anger at your continual smugness, betrayal, and utter lack of any spine. Actually, we don't need Nader to tell us that you're a callous, arrogant, opportunistic shithead. I mean, it's nice that he does, despite his considerable flaws, but I think we'd have you pegged even if he weren't around. Just like we would have had Gore pegged.

I wonder if Alternet calculates how many people are "imperilling" Kerry's God-Given <snort> right to victory by threatening to stay home. Is that even possible ? Probably not. Besides "Staying Home," just doesn't have the mileage as a scapegoat that Nader does, I suppose.

Johnny, give this neccessary block a real reason --not a default reason-- to vote for you, or you deserve to lose.

Case closed. :p

"Nader Looms Large" 20.Aug.2004 20:53

that's a laugh

considering he can't even get on the fucking BALLOT in Oregon - one of his strongest support states - due to DLC multimillion-dollar subterfuge here and nationwide . . .

no matter who you
no matter who you "vote" for, Skull & Bones WINS.

Nader can still beat Kerry 21.Aug.2004 14:35

George Bender

All Nader needs to do to defeat Kerry is to be on the ballot in a few swing states and move a few votes his way. Which is what I'm hoping will happen. It's time to kill the Democratic party.

As for Oregon, if we don't get Nader on the ballot we'll write him in.