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Join in solidarity action for DNC2RNC

St. Louis is holding a solidarity action with the DNC2RNC marchers as they enter NYC. It would be great for others to join in. Our information is below. Any ideas?
RESIST, RECLAIM, AND REBUILD: Democracy Uprising Tour Solidarity Action. Join us as we walk through our own communities that are often left behind by the democratic process!

Solidarity Action for Democracy Uprising: DNC2RNC

I recently traveled with the Democracy Uprising march which is a group of autonomous individuals who are walking from the Democratic National Convention to the Republican National Convention to bring attention to the need for moving beyond the ballot box and into community organizing.

The marchers, who will have traveled over 258 miles in 28 days, will arrive in NYC August 26 where they will be participating in a street theatre piece as they enter Manhattan.

St. Louis area citizens will be joining them on August 26 at 7pm in our own community march where we will be marching approximately 3 miles while reaching out to neighborhoods with information to beneficial resources such as getting health care, obtaining veterans benefits, and getting affordable legal help to name a few. We will be passing locations around the city that have faced extreme hardships and are examples of the need for community building and the need for real city revival. We will also be cleaning up the neighborhoods we pass through by picking up trash. We are all autonomous individuals who are getting together to resist oppression, reclaim our streets, and rebuild our communities. Join us as we move past the ballot box and into the communities in a true democratic fashion.

More information on the DNC2RNC march can be found at www.dnc2rnc.org. Watch their commercial on  http://dnc2rnc.org/media/index.htm

For more information on the St. Louis Democracy Uprising... RESIST, RECLAIM, AND REBUILD contact  inner_alchemy@SAFe-mail.net

We need marchers, resources, and YOUR VOICE!