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Code Pink at RNC in NY arrested. CP disregards discount coupon bribes for peaceful protesters.
The discount program for protesters is modeled on one for delegates to the convention, and there are some notable differences. Protesters are offered $5 off admission to the Museum of Sex, while delegates are not. But delegates get $3 off the space show at the American Museum of Natural History, a discount not offered to protesters. The Republicans get "Rent," the people who oppose them get "Tony n' Tina's Wedding."

With the convention a week and a half away, there are already some who may not qualify for the discounts. Yesterday, four members of Code Pink, a women's protest group, were arrested for trying to dangle a 40-foot-long banner from their ninth-floor window at the Sheraton Hotel across from Mr. Bloomberg's news conference, the police said.

Jodie Evans, a co-founder of the group, identified the women as Andrea Buffa and Colleen Galbraith of San Francisco, Claire Varoney of Los Angeles and Danielle Feris of New York City. The charges against the women are pending, the police said yesterday afternoon
Them Girls Got Balls 18.Aug.2004 21:24

pink panther

~go girls~
i wonder what the banner said & did they get to hang it ?

Love stories like that :-D 18.Aug.2004 22:57

Tony Blair's dog

Your actions reach more people than you could imagine.

Way To Go Girls!

One Word (ok two) September Seventh 19.Aug.2004 00:12


Can I get a witness?

check it out 19.Aug.2004 02:17