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Town Hall/Forum 8/18 6:30pm, FREE

Mayoral and City Council hopefuls answer our questions!
From a friend at thwe Portland Mercury, i thought some of you would be interested in attending.

Worried that politicians are all sizzle and no substance? Tired of politicians flashing a gleaming smile instead of talking to you straight? Well, so is the Mercury. That's why we're hoping to pin down our local officials and make them tell us--in specific terms--how they plan to save the city, to jumpstart the economy, to clean up the river, to do something more than talk in vague terms.
Starting this Thursday, the Mercury will sponsor a series of three townhall-styled forums. Both remaining mayoral hopefuls--Tom Potter and Jim Francesconi--will be there. Nick Fish and Sam Adams who are competing for the one remaining open seat on city council also will participate. For each forum, each candidate has pledged to provide no fewer than five specific promises for ordinances or projects to introduce during his first year in office. Each candidate will only have a couple minutes to introduce their proposed projects and thoughts. After that, the floor is open to the public! Bring questions. Make your politicians accountable. The first forum will focus on what support the candidate believe city hall can provide arts and culture in Portland.

Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson, 6:30 pm, free