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RNC protest Portland???????????

shout out to protesters who aren't making the trip to NY........
As anticipation for the RNC in NYC grows, and tension mounts, people have been feeling more and more strongly that this could be a pivotal time in our political history. having just arrived in portland from brooklyn, ny, i am not prepared to return there to join my brothers and sisters in outcry and protest, but, at the same time, having been a resident of the city in the past few years (esp during sept 2001) i feel the need to voice my discontent. i know that protests have been organized internationally, but what about here on the west coast?? is there anything planned (or unplanned) that anybody knows about?? please post a reply. peace turtl
Something has to be done 18.Aug.2004 15:15


As a fellow NYC native I couldn't agree more. Portland has a great spirit, there has to be something going on in response to the Nuremburg rally they're holding in MSG. If anyone knows of anything count me in.

We Should Rally & March 18.Aug.2004 16:05

it's easy -- just be there

If anyone else has the guts and hutzpa, I'd be up for a rally on Thursday evening Sept. 2 in the North Park Blocks to coincide with the Bush acceptance speech. Say around 6pm.

Then we all head into the streets on Burnside, take a left onto Broadway and march unpermitted down into the heart of the city for a good old-fashioned unpermitted though peaceful demonstration.

That would turn heads and get some attention.

RUSH HOUR 18.Aug.2004 16:40


disrupt business as usual;...morning rush hour is preferable (shut down businiess, not people trying to go home.)

go to nyc 18.Aug.2004 16:40


it will be a historical experience that you will be telling you grand kids about for years to come. see you in the streets of nyc

Let's work this out 18.Aug.2004 20:14


Skip is right GO to NYC. However the point of this post is if you aren't what to do here. For me, I say let's have a trial. Let's try the Son of a Bush for war crimes. Where, when, and who's got the rope.

Peace wave 18.Aug.2004 23:23


Sunday, August 29 is international global action day against the war. I will wave a peace flag at the Evergreen o'pass in Vancouver at 9 a.m. in solidarity. All are welcome to join there or elsewhere.

Protest RNC Sunday August 29th in Portland 23.Aug.2004 09:07

Joshua arnoldwannabe_2000@yahoo.com

Where is everyone going to meet? We have to stand up with our brothers and sisters in NY. A peaceful rally in Portland will really help us come togather and show these greddy war mongers the people care!!!

Let's go 01.Sep.2004 19:45

Jeff metalheadx75@hotmail.com

Yeah, lets do this thing...count me in..name the time and place!!!!!