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Forest Activist locks down to stump in front of Umpqua Bank downtown during mid-morning protest

Following yesterday's surprise occupation of Senator Wyden's office by over 40 Oregon forest defenders, protestors turned their sights on Umpqua Bank. One protestor is currently locked to a 250 pound stump outside of Umpqua Bank's flagship store in Portland's Pearl District (1139 NW Lovejoy Street), while 20 Oregonians use banners, songs, and flyers to protest the bank's ties to the destruction of Oregon's public lands.

"Both Umpqua Bank and Senator Wyden greenwash their images while supporting commercial logging in Oregon's National Forests," said protestor Kristen Michelson. "We're exposing Senator Wyden and Umpqua Bank as two of the biggest threats to Oregon's public lands." [ Read more... ]

VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Shut Down Umpqua Bank | stills and more video

12:15 Update: Lock Down Over - "No Arrests"
According to a Media Spokesperson, the lock down and protest/rally is over for today. There was "No Arrests", and it was a good Action. They also sent a "Thank You" to all who participated in one way or another. [ Read more... ]

original announcement feature: [ Forest Activists announce 2nd day of action - call for support ]

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