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A Young Man Plans a Motorcycle Ride For Peace

Our Peace Ride mission is strictly Non-Political, Non-Profit and Non-Religious and we do not belong to any political party, government organization or freedom movement. We are dedicated to worldwide peace' stated Peace Ride Organizer Mohammed Nissar.
Mohammed Nissar is you're typical hard working young man who is currently living in the beautiful city of Dubai in the UAE. Yet, he plans to put his own career on hold and leave family and friends for months, in an attempt to promote PEACE in the world. Only taking minimal supplies and food he feels he will touch the lives of people in countries that he will ride through. Additionally, he will spread the message around the globe! The Peace Ride will begin in the People's Republic of China through to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and then from Dubai to continue into Eastern and Central Europe. This Peace Ride is crossing China, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to United Arab Emirates by road on a motorcycle. The Peace Ride is supporting an international, humanitarian, child-focused development organization without religious, political or governmental affiliation. The work benefits children, their families, and their communities in the neediest parts of the Middle East and worldwide. The mission is to reach out to the poor, disadvantaged rural children, women, and all individuals with physical and mental disabilities -- regardless of race, religion and any other discriminating factors. We aim to help them lead a better life through education, rehabilitation, and vocational training. They are currently looking for main and corporate sponsors and charities to benefit from this Peace Ride, you can visit his website at www.rideforpeace.com John O. Patrick

homepage: homepage: http://www.rideforpeace.com
address: address: P. O. Box 57245, Dubai, United Arab Emirates