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Wild Oats goes bananas over union organizer

The Wild Oats natural food chain claims to be progressive, enlightened, worker- and environment-friendly. The truth is, Wild Oats is anti-union.
Unions are important to helppreserve jobs, protectwages and secure safe working conditions. Yet all across the country unions are under attack.
Union organizer Tom Kappas was fired over a couple of bananas that he paid for honestly.
There was nothing wrong with Tom Kappas buying a couple of bananas. Wild Oats claimeda discounton thebruised fruit was a firing offense, butdiscountingspoiled fruitwas a standardstore practice.By firing Tom, Wild Oats wasjust enforcing their long-standing anti-union policy ofshutting downany organizing drive.

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not to mention new seasons' president is an arrogant man 19.Aug.2004 11:51


<p>when a bunch of us had a community meeting to discuss plans for talking at city council on the topic of new seasons moving into our 'hood, brian rohter, president of new seasons, showed up with his public relations (PR) person. he was there to intimidate and try to appease us with a bunch of PR crap about, for example, how his business is good because it's family owned.

<p>now, some of us don't have much of a family. if i were to own a business, would that make me worse off than someone who happens to be an active breeder? this is an example of the PR crap that i speak of.

<p>i asked him why, if his stated goal was to bring good food to people who needed, he had to move in near a co-op and threaten it's existance. all of us in inner se look pretty healthy, i said, and suggested that he look at the people in the area of 82nd avenue; the options include mcdonald's and safeway, and the folk out there don't look nearly as well fed as we do. he spouted a bunch of babble and got vissibly redder in the face. at the end of his tirade he leaned over the table toward me, veins sticking out of his neck, and told me not to shop at his store.

<p>i'm going to find local farmers to buy my meat from. i heard that there is one at the hollywood farmers market, in the value village parking lot around sandy, saturdays until 1 p.m.

Wild Oats chat site? 10.Sep.2004 14:35


Dear Portland,

I'm a employee of Wild Oats Market. I won't say which store I work at, but I along with a handful of other employees (let's just say workers)feel our situation can only improve or,at least not become any worse by forming a union. I realize that any attempt to organize must take place at a store level, however I feel it would be helpful if any like minded workers within the company (let's say corporation)began a discussion between ourselves about the issues at hand. Surely, it would be an opportunity for some of us to complain or launch into a rhetorical orgy, but maybe it could also be a place for us to seriously discuss,plan, and hopefully make others more comfortable with the idea of a union. I find that alot of people that I work with are afraid to even discuss it due to fear of management( of course), but also due to the fear of being seen as a ridiculous dreamer. Is there a chat site or any format available of this kind? If not, how could we start one?