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Zionist pigs murder 9-year old boy

please read this report reposted from today's www.salon.com
Israeli soldiers kill 9-year-old boy
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By Ali Daraghmeh

Aug. 17, 2004 | Nablus, West Bank -- Israeli soldiers on Tuesday shot and
killed a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in Nablus as he sat on the front steps of
his home eating a sandwich, relatives said.

The troops were enforcing a curfew when they drove by 9-year-old Khaled Usta's
home, the boy's aunt, Ferial Usta said. Youths threw stones at the troops, but
the group fled when the soldiers got out of the jeep and pointed their guns at a
fence just behind the boys, she said.

Khaled was sitting just behind the fence eating a sandwich when one of the
soldiers fired his rifle, the aunt said.

"I saw the soldier fire and the boy fell, and immediately I went downstairs. All
the neighbors heard the gunshot and ... ran down also," she said.

A military official said soldiers fired at Palestinians throwing concrete
blocks, stones and a firebomb in three separate incidents, but was not aware
that anyone was killed. The army said it was operating in Nablus to hunt down
militants and find their weapons stashes.

Jarir Kanadilo, a Palestinian ambulance driver, said the boy was shot in the

Huloud Usta, Khaled's sister, said about 10 minutes after her brother was taken
to a hospital, the soldiers came over to see why neighbors had gathered outside.
She said she told them what happened and it appeared they were arguing among

In a separate incident in Nablus, soldiers shot and injured two Palestinians who
had thrown stones at military jeeps, witnesses and rescue officials said.

In house-to-house searches in Nablus' old city, the army discovered two homemade
rockets, as well as a booklet on how to prepare homemade rockets, the army said.

Palestinian militants have fired dozens of the homemade rockets from the Gaza
Strip into Israel, but have not yet been able to manufacture and launch them
from the West Bank. The Israeli army frequently operates in the West Bank to
prevent the production of rockets, which could easily reach major Israeli
population centers from the Palestinian territories.

In a Nablus refugee camp, troops on Tuesday found a weapons cache including two
guns, ammunition and equipment used to prepare explosives, the army said.

To sum it up. 18.Aug.2004 08:49


It's kosher for Israelis to use weapons on Palestinians but
it's not kosher for Palestinians to use weapons on Israelis.


American tax dollars at work 14.Feb.2008 16:24


I, an American citizen, am disgusted by the behavior of the Israelis. Like the American Indians (of which I am one) they lost their lands centuries ago -- the Jews to the Romans, and the Indians to the Europeans. Unlike the Indians, however, they retook their lost lands, much to the detriment of the Palestinians. If the Indians were to do the same, millions of non-Indians (whites, blacks, Asians) would be forced into occupied territories against their will, and all of their property would be confiscated. How would that scenario go over?

I am disgusted that our government continues to side unwaveringly with Israel, providing them with weapons and ammunition that the Israelis use to kill innocent Palestians. I feel powerless to do anything about it. Our support for Zionism is the number one cause of Islamic hatred and terrorism against America, costing us hundreds of billions of dollars to fight it. Enough is enough.

Firing 01.Nov.2009 01:08


It sounds like what happened was an accident. But if an officer in any Western country had fired a careless shot like that on a bunch of kids throwing stones, they would be arrested and charged with murder.