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Portland Bike Polo Players Courting Red Bull

Word of mouth and intercepted email communications reveal plans to let Red Bull coopt bike polo in Portland
In the wake of recent troubles with city park officials,
The Red Bull company, makers of the popular energy drink, have made an offer to rent a space for bike polo players.
Another example of corporations coopting a home-grown piece of culture, swooping in to feed on the victims of bankrupt civil society...

Anyway, here's an excerpt of an email thread between various bike polo players:

>>> Two things:
>>> First the good news. Scotty has told me that Red Bull is interested
>>> in
> helping us find and finance a private lot. What we, as a group, need to
> do
>>> is to put together a wish list and send it with scotty NEXT TUESDAY.
>>> This means that if you have some time to look through commercial
>>> listings
> and find a parking lot or a warehouse that we can rent. I think a
> warehouse would be best because it's covered and lit. If we can get our
> shit together and get this off by TUESDAY, then we can get this shit
> done sooner, and we don't have to worry about getting kicked out by
> anyone anymore.

>> aircraft hanger?
>> perpetual influx of (used) moutain bikes.
>> satellite imaging.
>> shoes make piggy sounds when you step down on the heel.
>> perpetual influx of mallets/balls.
>> shirts with r kelley's face on them.
>> hats for bats.

>> Good job on the wishlist. I'm sure Scotty will come back with some
>> good
> news. As for polo this wednesday, I think we should meet at the school
> at 6:30 and play until 8:30 and then make a move. Tonight I'd like to
> get some folks together for a lit parking lot ride. If anyone is
> interested, we should meet at 9:00 or so. Give me a call if you want.
> Also if anyone has any suggestions of where to look, now is a good time.
> We also need to start looking for a parking lot, to propose to red bull.
> Any ideas or research on that can be looked at tonight.
ok.... 18.Aug.2004 00:03


"shoes make piggy sounds when you step down on the heel"? That's a total ripoff of "The State", the best comedy show ever!

anyway, how did the poster "intercept" an email from the bike poloers? sounds kinda fishy to me. I don't agree with corporate sponsorships and think it's kinda lame if this is true, but they have the right to do it if they want....

Better Red Bull than PBR 21.Aug.2004 12:42


Shit , I'd play bike polo if it meant free Red Bull. It mixes great with Vodka or even Jagermeister. Anything but the hipster swill of choice PBR.