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DEADLINE: Nader Petitions This Week!!!

Deadline for submitting your signatures is fast approaching....
We need all interested parties to get their petitions allowing Ralph Nader on the Oregon ballot to turn their petitions in yo our office by THIS FRIDAY (Aug 20th.)

This will give us enough time to get them to counties for verification and then to the Secretary of State.

If you have not had a chance to sign one yet or have some sheets to turn in, come to our office at:

320 S.W. Stark Suite 202
Portland OR 97204

Some people are trying very hard and spending a lot of money to stop this campaign, so it's time for all citizens to be heard.

Thank you!
Travis Diskin
To the IMC Volunteers 17.Aug.2004 17:32

Not the Author

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What does Nader have to offer? 18.Aug.2004 11:30


What does Nader have to offer that is not already being offered by Kerry?

Apparently, all Nader wants is a share of the anti-Bush votes.

Nader offers a progressive platform 18.Aug.2004 11:46


I'm not planning on voting for Kerry of Nader so if I get their positions wrong I'm sure someone can correct me. But so far as I know:

* Nader supports universal health care as opposed to Kerry's "universal" health care which would not actually be universal.

* Nader is opposed to the Iraq War; Kerry just wants to run it.

* Nader is opposed to corporate globalization (NAFTA, GATT, FTAA, WTO); Kerry supports it

* Nader is opposed to the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act; Kerry supports both.

* Nader wants to eliminate income tax for those making less than $100,000 a year; Kerry wants to give tax cuts to businesses.

* Nader wants to eliminate corporate welfare; Kerry has never used the term "corporate welfare".

* Nader supports gay marriage; Kerry is opposed to it.

* Nader wants campaign finance reform, electoral reform, prison reform, a reduction in military spending, a living wage, reduction sin corporate consolidation in media, agriculture, and other industries, an end to the war on drugs all of which Kerry does not support.

In other words, there are different as night and day. Of course, Cobb offers a similar platform to Nader. And some other third party candidates share some of these goals. Anyway, I could go on but this is something to start with, food for thought as it were.