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VIDEO FILE: Forest Advocates Occupy Senator Wydens Office

a 3 minute video taken from inside Senator Ron Wydens office this morning, August 17, 2004. About 25 forest activists occupied the office for a short time, hoping to consult with Senator Wyden or either of his environmental assistants.
Wyden was not available, and, apparantly, neither were either of his two assisstants.
Those who chose to occupy the office were were either from various environmental organizations or were citizens concerned about the degenerating condition of their National Forests, due to logging and the results of logging, on ecosystems, on water quality, on biodiversity, and on opportunities for people to recreate on their public lands.
One of the group brought a power point presentation with them to show to Wydens office staff, but this didn't happen. At first Wydens staff agreed to sit down with six members of the group, then twelve, then negotiations broke down and everyone departed, perhaps due to the fact that an amount of sawdust, "trees blood," was deposited on the rug.
There was talk of showing the power point presentation at the next IMC video showing scheduled for August 30th at It's A Beautiful Pizza.

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Super Work! 17.Aug.2004 17:19

from a media comrade

This is just as good as it gets, getting a clip up on indymedia right away. The video demostrates very well the flavor of the event, done in such a way that ALL FOREST DEFENDERS ARE IN THAT ROOM when viewing a clip like this...

I'll be interested to hear a report back on what the local mainstream media does with this, and how many times Lars uses the term terrorist, as in eco-terrorist and other derivatives...?

Thanks pdx indy, and Mr. Philosopher Seed!

Wes Brain

stop biodevastation 23.Aug.2004 22:37

whistle stop ale

I can't believe Wyden is still in office. He's been a greenwasher from the start. Good work keeping the pressure on. Save cascadia

i'm proud 25.Aug.2004 19:29


it is always a pleasant feeling that bubbles forth when i see my friends doing stuff like this. i am inspired and feel blessed to know that people do care. it makes me consider returning to the U.S.