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9.11 investigation

The Secret Hijacking -The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland

Reconstructing of a flight path for the "fifth plane"


Finally: WoodyBox is back with his third, and maybe yet another groundbreaking article:
"The Secret Hijacking -The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland..."


The Secret Hijacking

The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland - by Woody Box
August 17, 2004, GFP/INN


Advise to the reader: This text is the continuation of my previous article The Cleveland Airport Mystery, so you should take a look at that first if you don't know it. Here is a short summary:

In the morning of September 11, Delta Flight 1989 made an emergency landing at Cleveland Airport. This is a well established fact. Less known to the public is that another airplane landed under similar circumstances about half an hour later, on a different runway. This second airplane is confirmed by news reports and eyewitnesses, but its existence is covered under a murky haze of disregard. I've called it "Flight X".

The purpose of this analysis is to find out more about Flight X. Browsing through documents and private messages from September 11, we will encounter two airplanes whose existence seems to have been kept secret in a similar way. These airplanes are then checked for possible correspondences with Flight X. We will reconstruct a flight path for Flight X which is not proven in a criminalistic sense, but fits the facts much better than any other scenario...

more here

Does it Matter? 17.Aug.2004 15:51


Does it really matter what the particulars are for flight x? After pounding my head into the ground trying to get people to go to wtc7.net, I am convinced that the entire country has od'd on Soma. You probably have good information, as the whole affair was stagged, but nothing is going to stop the spawn of Hitler, so how about getting back to work and fixing that cheese burger for me.

excessive speculation without any hard evidence 19.Aug.2004 00:38

not impressed

the "woody box" series are interesting articles, but remarkably free of primary evidence

Hey, I read a website with an anonymous post that PROVES this!

If this is the sort of evidence that is trumpted as proof of inside job, no wonder most people don't want to look at the way the Air Force protection of the Pentagon was deliberately turned off.

It is also interesting that the internet sites promoting the disproved nonsense about "pod planes" (see  http://www.oilempire.us/bogus.html) are promoting the "woodybox" stories. Perhaps one day mr. box will uncover some verifiable evidence, or maybe even get an editor who holds him to a journalistic standard where one needs more evidence that anonymous websites. Perhaps one day indymedia won't be flooded with misinformation pretending to expose scandals that discredits the real evidence behind the scandals. Imagine.

Gardening 19.Aug.2004 02:09


I thought, you wanna spend more time on "gardening", Robinowitz aka DougFir aka oilempire aka notimpressed.
Maybe you should better garden the rain forest, it needs more help than your whiny anti-research rants. Let us do our job and try to make sure, that you don't have to care about "peak brain" as well...