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Tell Pacific Green Party to F-Off!

The Pacific Green Party must support GOP victories on November 2nd ...
... especially in Oregon's 1st Congressional District.

Why else would it give the GOP candidate ANY benefit over Congressman Wu by putting a 3rd candidate in the race.

On Novembe 2 PGP members and supporters should seriously consider the net effect of NOT voting for Wu: it certainly won't be a victory for their Party.

If you're not crazy about, then you'll LOVE Republican Goli Ameri - Bush's #1 war-whore in Oregon.

Nah 17.Aug.2004 13:07

I'll stick with the greens

The purpose of having a political party is to run for office.

If you don't like it, don't vote for her. It's your choice, just don't make that choice for the rest of us.

The Greens have a right to run 17.Aug.2004 16:01


Look, political parties exist to run candidates. If Democrats don't like the "spoiler" effect that comes with third party representation, then perhaps they should be pushing to enact Instant Runoff Voting. Provisions for IRV have been in the Oregon Constitution since the early 1900s, waiting to be implemented. The Dems should get off their ass and do something about that. Besides, there are already Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates in that race. Think of the Green role as providing balance for those right wing candidates.

In addition, David Wu is a scumbag. I've heard rumors about sexual harassment and violent outbursts. Unfortunately, I can't substantiate those rumors at this time, except for one person who doesn't want to go public with her story. Besides the personal attributes, his voting record isn't that great either. One great example is his support for Bush's Medicare "reform" bill. Wu's role in that vote was very, very weird. To check out the whole fucked up tale, go to: www.msnbc.com/news/997670.asp

Defeat the GOP 17.Aug.2004 16:05


Maybe but the Green Party running against Wu is a very good thing. The Dems take greens for granted and if they lose the seat because they are unable to more enough Greens to vote for Wu the in a local election the Dems will get the message. A war whore in congress is not a new thing. However I still think Kerry over Bush is a must. But to build a strong 3rd party we need to win or lose in local elections. Let's get greens in municipal elections.

... 17.Aug.2004 17:27


Listen, if Wu wanted the Green endorsement, he should've went to the PGP and met with the members and told them why they should support him. He should've layed out his past record and said how hw would fight for Greens in the future. That is how you get an endorsement.

Go Teresa King!

Green Used To Mean Something 17.Aug.2004 21:48


As an early Green Party supporter, I really felt like it meant something. Unfortunately, it squandered any clout it had by not endorsing Gore for President in 2000 in exchange for a cabinet position. Granted, Dems should have been much more respectful of the Green position, but let's separate idealism and realism and think what we're really trying to accomplish here. Lately, the Green Party sounds increasingly radicalized and willing to martyr the Anarchist movement than actually use its influence to push the Democratic party to be more outspoken about environmental issues. Unfortunately, the Green Party in 2004 has become a joke.

Hey Democrats and Republicans... 18.Aug.2004 00:02


fuck off!

a pox on all your houses 18.Aug.2004 04:05


The Republicans are the only ones who know how to play politics. (They cheat BIG, they lie BIG, and they, literally, ASSUME power and use it.)

The Dems exploit the Republican crimes to bash the Greens. (E.g., "Nader spoiled the 2000 election," and "If you vote for the Greens, you'll get more of the Patriot Act and the Republican wars - and maybe even some policies that the Democrats DIDN'T support.") The Republicans don't object to being used this way: it's all to maintain the good 'ol two-party system, which is dedicated to the security of the incumbents of both parties and to the well-being of the corporate oligarchy for which both parties work. The Democratic politicians and leaders get their pay off. But what do all the grass roots Democratic sheep get?

And the Greens fight with each other over which is more impure: voting for Kucinich in the Democratic primary or supporting Cobb for President rather than Nader (who said he would not accept the Green nomination)? (No, I didn't get that backwards: some Naderites think that to support Green Party nominee David Cobb's candidacy is selling out to the Democrats, but somehow supporting Nader will promote the progressive cause, even though putting Nader on the ballot puts him in opposition to the Green Party as much as to Kerry.)

And who pursued electoral reform after the 2000 debacle? The Dems? The Greens? The Republicans! - they used the opportunity, with the support of the Congressional Democrats, to STRENGTHEN their hold on political power by passing legislation requiring electronic voting (with Republican Diebold being the key manufacturer and beneficiary there)- not only so they could steal more elections easier in the future, but so they could make more money doing it!

How can any Democrat or Green seriously claim either party makes any sense or offers anything to the average American? Well, all right, they each "offer" something, but where are the pragmatic rationale or the political or ideological integrity? Neither demonstrates a determined commitment to their potential voters - only a desire to coerce or intimidate them, and - at some of the strangest, most counterproductive times - ignore them.

Greens? 18.Aug.2004 09:19


Greens are entitled to participate. We started this party because none of the other parties represent our interests. It will be a bumpy ride but we aren't going away.

What amazes me is how Republicans and Democrats brag when they work across party lines in non-partisan fashion. Too bad that Dems like Hooley and Wu never cross the aisle to work with Greens. They'll suck up to Republicans but Greens are marginalized, feeling unheard and unvalued.

Every single Democrat we challenge asks us to step aside.

When can we vote for the Peace Candidate?
When can we vote for the Freedom Candidate?
When can we vote for the Environmental Candidate?

Why must we limit our choices to people who don't represent our values?

Suicide on the Left 18.Aug.2004 13:38


"When can we vote for the Peace Candidate?
When can we vote for the Freedom Candidate?
When can we vote for the Environmental Candidate?"

Ummm, Wu is anti-war, pro-choice, and pro-environment.
You can vote for him every two years.

I know critical thinking isn't a strong point on the Left, but does it even give you the slightest
pause that Wu actually votes greener than his constiutency?

Seriously, in many votes, Wu has voted against the interest of the West Hills/Beaverton/Nike
and with the Earth. And his reward from the environmental community is...to pick his District in which to run a hopeless spoiler.
Great move hippies.

As a recovering Green, I really, really, recommend that the Portland Green's
take a serious look at Wu's VOTING RECORD. You might be surprised.

The guy voted against the Patriot Act for Chrisakes.

Yo, here in rural Oregon, we'd love to have the option of voting out pro-choice, anti-war Democrats.
So how about all of the Portland Green's for whom Wu's voting record isn't good enough,
come down to Medford and get the shit kicked out of them by Cowboys with W04 bumperstickers,
while protesting the war with me. You'll have a blast.

Nice dreds sister.

Pass that shit to the left hand side brother.

I got a cool idea, lets get the greenest Oregon House member bounced in favor of a pro-war,
anti-forest candidate.

Great idea sister. But first can you get your dog to stop humping my leg?

murder, not suicide 18.Aug.2004 14:03


What is it with the democrats that they have become so opposed to democracy recently? If Wu has a good record, let him run on it and he'll do fine. But shutting other people out of the election is cowardly and fascistic. As has been pointed out, if the democrats don't like losing they'd better work toward democracy instead of subverting it. There are many ways to do this, some of which have been mentioned. Even the republicans don't stoop to these sorts of tactics when 3rd parties have a far more detrimental effect on them then the democrats. I guess that some republicans just prefer less obviously anti-democratic tactics. Only some democrats would be anti-democratic and boast about it and feel self-righteous in the process.

The democrats need to understand that their fear is driving them to become what they hate. There is no reason for a progressive democrat to be afraid of a green candidate. The only democrats who have been consistently losing elections in the past 2 decades have been the "moderate" democrats because they do not have a progressive record to run on.

Given the actions of some democrats in this election I may not vote for any democrat candidates because I am so disgusted with the party. But I will keep an open mind seeing as there could be a benefit to having progressive democrats win more decisively than their less-progressive (to put it mildly) colleagues.

electoral politics in the US 18.Aug.2004 20:13

really sucks

Goli Ameri is really bad news, why do we want to field a third candidate and risk losing a Democrat in that district? Sure Wu isn't the man we wish he was (none of those creeps are). I agree with the first writer. This is really serious stuff, but the Greens sometimes act like it's a game or that they don't really live in the real world.
Go to Washington D.C. and watch how legislation is made, and you will get an idea of how people like Goli Ameri will move ahead fast in the political game. The Greens have just shown how clueless they really are. Doesn't the word "minority" mean anything? As in "a minority of votes" (the opposite of majority- which is what it takes to get a bill passed- a MAJORITY) or a minority of "voters" that's what it takes to win an election- a "MAJORITY" of voters? IF YOU DON"T THINK YOU HAVE THE VOTES (to win the election, or to get the bill passed)YOU SHOULD RECOGNIZE THAT YOU HAVE MORE WORK TO DO IN THE FIELD. With a 'winner take all' political system and the type of system that operates in Congress, the Greens cannot make any real change until they can reach out to middle America and take things seriously. I'm really sickened about this. We already have enough work to do, if a Republican gets in that district it tips the balance of power in a dangersous way. I wish you Green guys could learn how to be strategic!

Strategic Greens 19.Aug.2004 10:14

Brian Setzler

We are strategic.

Greens have a plan to run in every race, and challenge for elected office at every level.

When we run for President we're told to think local. When we run for Congress were called spoilers. When we run for the state legislature we're told we are in the way.

There is an easy solution to help us all and it would be nice if the Democrats got on board with the Greens: Majority rule!

Either through run off elections or Instant Runoff Voting. Adopt it or lose.

Which Planet Do You Live On, Anon ? 26.Aug.2004 07:14

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"As an early Green Party supporter, I really felt like it meant something. Unfortunately, it squandered any clout it had by not endorsing Gore for President in 2000 in exchange for a cabinet position..."

<Yawn> Say, does anyone have a single shred of evidence that Gore ever offered Greens anything in 2000 but a smirking silence while brown-nosers like Gitlin and Alterman were busy calling Nader every name in the book ? Sounds more like those two schmucks and their countless imitators were the ones trying to brown-nose their way into cabinet positions. Nader was not Satan and Gore was not Jesus, for shit's sake, but you'd never have known it reading *Salon* or the *The Nation* during that period. Shiiiiiit.

I'm really fucking tired of the repeated insistence by the "Anons" of the world that any and all 3rd Party candidates owe it to the Democrats to cringe, show their bellies, and turn up at the door in Salem or D.C. begging for a pat on the head and some uncollectable-at-post-election promise before the frickin' election is even seriously going !

Screw that.

If Wu wants to run against Ameri w/o any interference from the Greens, let him offer something to the Greens and their candidate. He's got the upper hand, so he should make the first move. And if Greens justifiably look at his record and campaign contributions and treat his offer with skepticism, that's their right. Same goes for Kerry. This perpetual arrogance on the part of the Democrats is galling beyond words. It's not the duty of the least powerful in any given equation to follow at the heels of the most powerful begging and scraping for some token reward. Politics should not solely be about publicly begging for the chance to be bought off by your opposition.

Presumably, Wu will not spend the next two months trailing at Ameri's heels begging for a seat on the Bush cabinet next time if she'll only pleeeeeeeeeeease allow him to drop out of the race. Wu has no fucking business turning around and expecting the same behavior from the Green candidate.

As for the lecture about what bad news Ameri or rest of the Right-Wing is... Duuuuuuuuuhhhh. Tell me something I don't know, "really sucks." So what ? It's not the duty of the Green Party to simply lie low for the next thousand years hoping that the Repugs will eventually stop fielding Right Wing nutbars for public office. If you have a problem with that, tough shit. If you want Right-Wing nutbars in office to have less power, perhaps you should have a word with your party asking why so much of their past, present and future (as espoused by Kerry/Edwards) agenda seems to ape the Right Wing.

The same people furious with Nader in 2000 for not making the Greens "keep it local" are the same folks who now want the Greens to "localize" themselves completely out of existence so there is no risk whatsoever of any Green candidate running anywhere he or she might disturb the duopoly or cast so much as a ripple of fear across the smug and placid mental pond of so many "Progressives." Fuck that. Let Wu and the rest of them get up off their asses and run a real campaign if they want my vote. My vote is not Wu's nor any other Democrat's fucking birthright. Let them earn it.