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I hate the fucking pigs so I checked out the website of the Portland Police, per a posting on indymedia that allegeadly kkk and other racist materials are openly displayed. One can not however find them, no matter how long they search the site.
What is (or was if materialist taken down) the link?

What was the context of the pictures?

CALLING "...." - yoo hoo, anybody home ?? 16.Aug.2004 21:40


that'd be the

***Portland Police Association*** Website,

*NOT* the City of Portland Police Department (PPD) web site . . .

someone zip'd the image_file directory 16.Aug.2004 21:53

in the original article

you will see in the comment section of the original article posted on indymedia, that someone backed up a copy of the image_files/ dir using wget [*nix command line util to grab web content via http] - then they zip'd the file =  http://portland.indymedia.org/media/media/2004/08/294796.zip

the images were there, and have since been removed.

the images were there 16.Aug.2004 22:47

you can surf to some still

Earlier today, I was able to browse the image directory on that site. Go to portlandpoliceassociation.com (or whatever the address was), find an image, right-click to view it alone. Note the address, there should be something like blah.com/image_folder/image.jpg. Remove the "image.jpg" and you will be able to browse the images folder directly.

When I looked, the KKK stuff was gone but an image of a black-hooded executioner figure at a ticket window (cartoon style) was present with the name "appeals.jpg" or similar.

Check that zip, I bet it's got the full backup.

This shit's for real. The PPA has declared war on citizens, more or less.

I'm sure they'll get around to removing all this soon, check the zip and everyone please download it so we have our records.

The PPA is publicly funded, yes? 16.Aug.2004 23:12


If that's the case, then they could be charged with something here, couldn't they?

publicy funded 17.Aug.2004 02:38


The PPA is not a publicly funded organization. It is supported by it's members (i.e. police officers)

Title of Comment 17.Aug.2004 03:23


I did see that the images were hosted on the PPA web site. I am willing to assume that the greivance image represents a militant attitude towards internal arbitrationt, i.e. being asked to work too many hours. I see no problem with a union using imagery that connotes a difficulty in negotiation.

I did a thorough search of the site as well as seveal variations of the google serarch to locate the pages linking to the other images. I was able to find none. It is fairly simple to omit a page from a google search directory, so this doesn't mean that there are no pages that display those images, but it is possible that the images were just hosted there without being actually displayed anywhere.

Ultimately, relevance or availabilty doesn't matter, as just by virtue of hosting these images,(swatica and kkk) the PPA should be decidedly ashamed.

Of course, beyond shame there should be some accountability, but as usual with these things, if it falls on anyone, it will likely be some no-account.

The Images were there I saw them 17.Aug.2004 09:42


Portland Copwatch analyzes each issue of the Rap Sheet


There is no January 2001 issue posted. Granted there is a gap in the issues on that site but it is after April 2001. Maybe the folks at Portland Copwatch know about this so-called "Hate Online" Article.

I for one will believe it when I see it not when Richard "has a lot to lose if this is true" King says so.

the images are still there 17.Aug.2004 09:58

they just took the links off the parent directory

quickly! the images are still on the site (as of 10am tuesday 8/17/2004), they have just been removed from the parent directory list.

check these links:




someone who has better technical skills than myself should cache these so the ppa cannot claim that people are lying about the nazi stuff they have on their site.

Context? 17.Aug.2004 10:56

Bison Boy

The question is not if the images were there; that appears to be the case. The real question is, *why* were they there? We have no context for the images. Perhaps they were hosted there for nefarious purposes, and perhaps for righteous purposes. Until someone finds an example of something actually linking to the images, we won't really know.

Hosting an image is not itself evil. If it was, then Indymedia would now be culpable, for it has spread these very images. For that matter, google reveals that PIMC has itself hosted images of the KKK:


In context, we see that *this* page is an anti-racism article. The image itself is not evil, and in context we can see that the usage isn't evil either. (Other examples are out there, look for yourself.)

As far as I know, there is no evidence to say that the PPA site did not host the images for a similar righteous purpose. Sure, their history may argue against that interpretation, but history is not evidence of current wrongdoing.

If anyone knows where these PPA images were actually linked or printed, then please let's see this context. Without context, this tempest will never break free of its teapot.

false analogy 17.Aug.2004 12:52


Anyone can post to indymedia, only a very few people can put images on the ppa server. Therefore, any analogy about hosted content on the 2 sites is false.

Possible context for Hateful images 17.Aug.2004 13:03


Dan Handelman from Portland Copwatch was kind enough to look into this. In an to me email he wrote:

"We ran a criticism of a similar book review--Christensen reviewed the
reactionary "Turner Diaries" using a swastika for a graphic in July,
1995--in our newsletter, the People's Police Report #7."

He doesn't have the complete Rap Sheet issue that Richard King claims had the "Hate Online" article so he couldn't help to verify the PPA's claimed use of these hateful images in that article.

Has anyone accessed the January 2001 issue to see if the images are actually in the alleged article?

Here is a PDF copy of the article 17.Aug.2004 16:34

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

Here is a PDF copy of the article from the January 2001 issue of the Rap Sheet which does contain these images.
"Hate on line" by Loren W. Christensen

Pffft! Case closed. 18.Aug.2004 15:43

Bison Boy

Thanks for the context, PPBCopwatcher.

In context, the images are used in an article about hate groups online. The article is informative, but not supportive of these hate groups. For instance: "In recent years, groups have emerged from under slimy rocks to build hate sites on the World Wide Web to be viewed by anyone who can click a mouse."

There is no scandal here. There never was. Unless someone can come up with some other link or print of these images by the PPA, I'd say y'all have been had.