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forced drugging

rally the people to stop forced drugging of people who arent dangerous in the least.a lot of people out there do not realize what these deadly poisons can do.people have dropped dead from even the smallest amounts of chemicals like ritalin.it would be like feeling your heart exploding in full consciousness!these drug companies and violent so called ''doctors'' are perpetuating a nazi like agenda. this needs to be a human rights issue now.a lot of people just do not know whats going on in this nation.this drugging is a hushed up crime against people!
choice 16.Aug.2004 21:59

what kind

Do you get to choose which drugs u can take? What happened to inform consent?

This is interesting, but ... 16.Aug.2004 23:20


... as usual, can you back up any of this? There's not even a "this happened to my uncle/aunt..." kind of anecdote to go along with the rant.

Choice doesn't exist 17.Aug.2004 01:29

What freedom?

Choice doesn't exist for children, nor are a large number of drugs proscribed to children ever tested on them. Ritalin, of course, is primarily proscribed to those under the so-called age of majority laws, and as such is widely the drug of choice for forced drugging. So called age of consent laws are primarily useful as a means of controlling a virulent, unpredictable population group until such time as it has been sufficiently brainwashed and normalized into the larger societal framework. Children used to work at fourteen, marry at fourteen, geniuses were accomplished by twenty five, athletic prowess declines by mid twenties, etc etc etc in a society and world perpetually ruled by the haves, by those who've been around long enough to accumulate wealth and thus power, is it not surprising that those possessing of superior intellect, memory, physical abilities, inspiration, creativity, optimism, is it not surprising that those people most suited to run the world are, 'for their own good,' restricted and de-humanized to a point that they are legally forced to ingest mind-altering chemicals when their personalities are found to deviate beyond acceptably compatible limits?

Does no one find it rationally counterproductive that the most powerful, trusted human beings in the world need continuous and intensive medical supervision to just to keep their physical bodies functioning while their mental capacity continues to decline at exponential rates, and that the most mentally, physically fit human beings on earth are legally classified as chattel, thus more easily normalizable into the societal framework created, maintained, and predisposed towards maintaining the wealth and power of the old, dysfunctional humans?

So, wisdom comes of experience? One example, please. Experienced humanity is slowly but surely causing the inevitable destruction of the entire human race and the viability of the planet's eco-system right along with it. It's been going on for a long time, it's been understood for a long time. Meanwhile the rulers grow ever older, ever more powerful, the power of youth grows ever more restricted, ever more intensively normalized and controlled.

Fucking morons. You're all the lot of you fucking morons.

Tis true 17.Aug.2004 08:46


Check out www.Mindfreedom.org if you are skeptical that forced drugging occurs.

In many states, you have no right to refuse psychotropics if a court orders you civilly committed (which means the court beleives a doctor or social worker who says you are a danger to yourself or others). In many more instances people are coerced or manipulated into taking drugs by threatening them with loss of government benefits, housing, medical care, visitation with their children, etc.

I was forced to take ritalin 17.Aug.2004 10:53


...from age five until age, idunno, age 9? 10? My "psychiatrist" (more like, pharmaceutical pill-pusher) would simply increase my dosage every time my mom would complain to her about troubles I was having in school. I don't remember talking to that piece of human garbage for more than ten minutes at a time, and looking back I realize that her intent was not to "cure" me of any problems, but to slowly drug me so that we would keep coming back for more 'scrips and therefore financing her new car or whatever.

Did ritalin help me as a child? No. I believe it stunted my growth, both socially and physically. I had no appetite when I was on ritalin. I didn't eat lunch at school from the third grade all the way through to the seventh grade. I would get home and still have no appetite. The only meals I ate were breakfast and a small amount of dinner. I would lie to my parents about not eating lunch so as not to get in trouble. The most important developmental years of my life were hijacked by this fucking stimulant, and I didn't have any choice whatsoever as to whether or not I took the drug.

Socially, ritalin turned me into a FUCKING FREAK. I mean, I was hyper before ritalin, but the other kids liked me and we all got along reasonably well. I just didn't respond well to getting picked on, and school pissed me off. I would go into a rage if other, usually older kids picked on me, throwing things, chasing them while trying to kick them (which is really hard to do and really easy to avoid, because the kicker has to stop running to kick, at which point the kickee can get away), etc. Of course, they were older, and could easily avoid getting hurt by me, while still being able to pick on me. My impotence only added to my frustration-borne rage. I got kicked off of the school bus a few times because of my temper, and I think that this was the point at which my parents decided to take me to a devil-womyn disguised as a child shrink (not that they knew she was evil incarnate at the time). I think that the whole reason I had such a short temper at school was because A: I wanted to be at home playing and not there being bored, and B: I learned it from my family. My parents were still pretty young, and their interpersonal relationship wasn't the most healthy or mature at the time. They screamed and yelled a lot, and when a kid sees his parents acting that way, of course he is going to imitate them.

Finally, my parents realized that ritalin wasn't working for me. They were like, "How many normal kids burst into tears for no reason all the time, are prone to sudden, violent outbursts towards other kids, and cannot force themselves to eat? Hmmmm, maybe ritalin isn't working for our little Clamydia after all..." They took me to a new shrink who didn't prescribe ritalin to me. No, he just talked to me for an hour, did an IQ test on me, and then talked to my parents for awhile, while I sat out in the reception room and played with some kid about my age (8 or 9?) who kept repeating "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little TURD, too!" It was funny the first time, because I was expecting him to say "dog", but he said "turd" instead, but after the fiftieth time or so it got a little stale. I didn't want to hurt his feelings though, so I didn't say anything, and we kept playing with the He-Men toys in the reception area until my parents got back. The big advice that was so important? "Leave him alone and let him be a kid. Let him do things for himself, and he will naturally mature." That's it. That was the big fucking revelation that took five years of forced drugging before it could be revealed.

Anyway, I know I didn't have it as bad as a lot of other kids. There were kids starving in Ethiopia, babies getting thrown in the trash in China, etc, when I was going through my ordeal. I can't speak for them, all I can do is speak for myself and say that my childhood felt like a big pile of shit, and I blame ritalin and the public school system for this.

However, I wouldn't change a thing. If I hadn't had the life I had, if even one thing was different, then what? I probably wouldn't be here in Portland. I wouldn't have all the beautiful friends that I have. I might not have turned out to be so anti-authoritarian. I might be living in a suburban house with three screaming kids and a submissive wife and two SUVs in the driveway, watching sports all night and working in some office all day. So, be careful about hating your past, because it's what put you where you are now.