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Bicycle-powered movable wireless communication in India!

for the last 2 1/2 years there has been a slowly-growing movement to provide remote un-wired and an-powered village in India with internet and simple mediacal diagnostic equipment, moved and powered by bicycle. While the bike is being pedaled form village to village the generator system charges up the power pack with enough capabilty to provide 8 hours of use, using wireless technology to connect to an ISP.
For the last 2 years a mobile digital device has been quietly traveling around India; a bicycle-based 3-wheeled rickshaw with pedal-powered generator and battery-charging system has been developed using wireless internet technology in order to provide communication and internet use/training for remote villages in India. It is also designed to accommodate diagnostic equipments like blood pressure testing machine, blood sugar testing machine, and some other primary health diagnostic and testing equipments. Apparently it is also providing income for the bicyclists that pedal it from village to village and train the villagers in it's use. Some of the articles on this innovative use of bike-power are here:


For the best picture of it, see this site's .pdf page: