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The Postman

Ok, if you have or havn't seen the movie The Postman from 1997 now it's time to see it(again).
The movie was written down in the gutters by the "critics" in the big media
and at that time I thought that the film deserved it in some way so I never
went to see it on the big screen and never rented it either.

Not until last night.

And now I know why the movie was written down by the "critics".

It wasn't because it was a "bad" movie, on the contrary.

It was because it fundamentally challenges the brainwashing of the people
by the media, corporations and government and the way they keep people in fear
through the tyranny of people considering themselves "above the law".

If you saw the film back in the 90's take the time to see it again
and I bet you will see it in a totally different light today.
too bad it's crap 17.Aug.2004 11:43


I think I can see how you might read your interpretation into this film (during which genetically augmented soldiers attempt to take control of what is left of civilization after some sort of apocalypse), but I can hardly see why you're calling out this movie as an example--this film is some serious garbage, rivalled only by another Kevin Costner crapfest, Waterworld (which, by the way, share some of the main plot points).