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Pacific Green Party to Challenge Wu

The Pacific Green Party held another nominating convention on 8/14 and nominated PGP activist Teresa Keane to run in the 1st Congressional District.
In what is considered one of the most competitive Congressional Districts in the US, the Pacific Green Party nominated Teresa Keane to take on incumbent David Wu (D), Goli Ameri (R), and Dean Wolf (Constitution).

Teresa Keane is a registered nurse working in pain management. She is the mother of two.

Like the Green Party, Ms. Keane will not be accepting corporate contributions.

More info coming.
this is really 16.Aug.2004 20:37


You (Theresa and the Pacific Greens) have just assured that Goli Ameri, a rightist Republican with tons of support, will win the election.
Don't you Green people have any clue of how to be strategic? You're nuts!

Goli Ameri 16.Aug.2004 20:44


In a contentious (read: CLOSE) race against David Wu (a Democrat) the Pacific Greens decide to throw a another candidate into the mix.
How does this make any sense? Do you even understand how Congress works and that getting votes to have any decent legislation pass depends on not having the Republicans control everything. It's not just about who's in the White House. Wu isn't perfect, but you'd better check out who Goli is, because she's as right-wing as they come.
The left needs to go back to middle school for a few civics lessons.

In other words 16.Aug.2004 21:41

George Bender

The left should shut up and disappear from American electoral politics. Just cut off your balls and drop them in the handy receptacle.

You hove no idea 16.Aug.2004 23:40


Do you know anything at all about how politics work?

Has WU been the champion of progressive politics that you would desire?

What is going to change that?

I'll tell you what won't. Jumping in the fucking conga line that is taking this country into the abyss and the rest of the world with it. You don't fucking capitulate now! You Push, and you push and you push. And when they realize that you are there to stay and that people support you and that their record is crap, you deal.

When you are a small party you have to be a diamond. Hard and Clear. The time to deal is at the end, not at the begining. Wu is listning now to the PGP. He has set up meetings to listen. Would he do that if they weren't running?

Teresa (whom I met for the first time this weekend,) has amazing courage and resolve to face what she is about to. She is hanging her ass out there for IDEALS. Have you forgot them?

If we aren't fighting for ideals, then who will?

you should know 17.Aug.2004 11:26


voted against the Patriot Act

voted against the War resolution

Why Wu? 17.Aug.2004 13:50


Damn this is dumb.

I voted for Nadar twice and registered as a Green so as to help build the party
and to increase the number of "voices and choices."

And now the Green Party is targetting the most progressive member of the Oregon Delegation?
Who represents a Republican District?

You must by dying to have an anti-choice, pro-war Representative out of the West Hills.

Seriously, I buy the "lesser of two evils" analysis, and you should vote your conscious.
But Wu is green, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-civil liberties. Hell, he could BE a Green in most states.
Point to one bad environmental vote he's made- I challenge you.
He wrote the cut-and-shift amendment to take money from the timber sale program and put it into watershed restoration.
And has been targetted by the timber industry ever since.

If ya want to target a House Dem, go after Earl. That guy is a gutless wonder.
Better yet, move down here to Southern Oregon and help us with Walden.
Hell, even taking on Wyden would make more sense, he did author the HFRA.

So again, why Wu?

Isn't the woman entitled to run? 17.Aug.2004 22:48


The problem here is the system. If we used majority rule, as advocated by the Green Party and blocked by the Democratic Party, we wouldn't have a problem.

I've known Teresa for over a decade and she would be a great political leader and representative for Greens and Green values. I don't live in Wu's district and I wasn't at the convention so I have no specific insight as to why she's running in this race at this time. However I respect Teresa's right to challenge Wu and run for the seat as a Green. It is a Green Party goal to have active candidates at every level of government. We aren't going away.

Every Green candidate running for partisan office that I've spoken with has been called by their Democratic opponent carrying a basic message: Get out of the race. Please tell me when we can vote for our candidates? Candidates that are good on all the issues rather than just a few?

Greens ... 18.Aug.2004 00:00


... have the advantages of intelligence, freewill, and American citizenship (which allows them to vote as they choose).

These abilities empower them to vote for the candidate they like the best. It even allows them to vote for the candiate they like second, third, or fourth best, if they choose. It enables them to decide early who to support and campaign for them if they want, and it also enables them to wait until the election and decide then whether to vote for their first choice or "against" a candidate by "voting for" their 2nd or 3rd choice, if they perceive that candidate as being more likely to win than their first choice.

These are just some of the advantages that Greens have that most Democrats don't seem to be able to conceive of. In fact, that's probably why they're Democrats. If they could conceive of something else, many of them would probably vote Green and then, the question would be whether the Democrats should vote Green to keep the Republican out or vote Republican to keep the Green from winning.

This is bad news 18.Aug.2004 18:39


yes she is entitled to run, but sheesh, is the principle of being able to run really worth the risk for Oregon to have another right wing zealot representing us in Congress?

If the Greens want to grow, start running for more local offices like state legislature, city councils, school boards, etc. Running for Congress in extremely competitive races where a relatively progressive Democrat is facing a flaming right winger is not the way to build support for your party or your causes. If you sense hostility from many on the left, perhaps you should consider taking stock and asking yourself if your strategy (or lack of) is putting you on the right track to make real change. Do the Greens really help their cause, or progressive causes in general, when they enter races and set themselve up as the spoiler?

Who do the Greens have running against Ron Wyden? He's an obvious sell-out Democrat who has no real opposition. If the Greens could pull more votes against Wyden than the Republicans could or at least a comparable number, it would be HUGE. And what about Earl Blumenauer? Talk about a Democrat so safe he spends his politial war chest to help other candidates out, but is rarely a progressive leader because he has no real pressure to be. He's TOO safe and always wins by 70% over some no name Republican neo-nazi. Here again, an articulate Green who really did the hard door-to-door work necessary to gain votes could make a really big statement about the priorities that the current constituents of Blumenauer have. Who do the Green's have running against Earl?

The Wyden and Blumenauer races are critical if the Greens want to advance their ideas in a way that is safe for voters who may support some of their ideas in spirit but who are pragmatic enough to not cast their one vote in a way that ousts progressive leaning Democrats in favor of yet another right wing nutcake in the US Congress.

We've all got ideals, but sometimes its important to be pragmatic in your strategy for achieving them. Wu has ideals shared by many Greens and in Congress has taken many steps to enact them in the current Republican controlled atmosphere. He is in a district with very politically active logging companies itching to oust him because he's tried to cut timber industry subsidies in favor of forest protection. Wu is a champion for the environmental in Oregon, something it seems the 'Greens' would be concerned about. An issue like abortion choice alone splits his district evenly. Don't Greens support a woman's right to choose? He voted against the war in Iraq, which makes him even more vulnerable to attack from the right wing in his district. He's even stood against the Patriot Act before it was a popular thing to do.

Please rethink your priorities, it just doensn't add up. This just isn't the race for the Greens to jump into.

I agree 18.Aug.2004 20:26

little voice

I agree with the above poster. This is the worst possible race for the Greens to challenge- a Democratic incumbant- we need thos Dems. to be in Congress! It's too late in the season, too, to bring someone brand new into the race. Somebody should check into who Goli Ameri is and the kind of support she has (maybe take a look at some Republican Web Sites?). For the Greens to run someone no-one's even heard of, with out spending time to really build a campaign is crazy. Go back to your Organizaing 101 books, people. Theresa isn't brave and courageous- she's stupid. I'm not saying that she's a bad person, she is probaby a wonderful person. But, she clearly knows nothing about politics. And, apparently, neither do the Greens. What does it take before we understand how to play this electoral game? We have all of our great beliefs and moral leadership on our side which should work for us, yet, we keep doing stupid stuff (and losing).

Fuck Corporate Candidates 19.Aug.2004 07:30


Does David Wu take corporate money?

What percentage of his support is corporate support?

Sorry, but as Greens we don't support corporate candidates and we don't really give a shit about electing Democrats. Do you get it?

Oh, Please... 26.Aug.2004 12:26

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"Go back to your Organizaing 101 books, people."

Go fuck yourself, "lv."

I've heard it said time and time again that the whole trouble with the Liberal-Left spectrum is that it's too fractious, diverse, and intensely opinionated to get anything done, as opposed to the Mod. Republican-Far Right spectrum. I don't believe that it's as simple as that.

The Republican Party is not completely homogeneous in terms of opinion and purpose even if it is nearly all-White, all-male, all-hetero, etc. The Far Right of the Party has a built-in quid pro quo, an understanding with the Moderate Reps. that in any given battle the job of the Far Right is to state the freaked-out and unpalatable "ideal." The job of the Moderate Reps. is to repackage and water down these extreme ideas and then sell them to the public, not to mention to the Democrats. They've had great success with this over the past three decades or so, it would seem. Such success that we are told over and over again by Democrats in power that this is "compromise," when what it really is smells more like is unilateral surrender with a smilie-face button stuck on.

When you contrast this with the Liberal-Left spectrum, you see the opposite. Liberals and moderate Democrats offer nothing to the Left and the Left is alienated and often does not co-operate with the moderates. Hell, not only don't we co-operate, a great many of us have decided that we're not wanted at anytime but on and around Election Day. We have acted accordingly and bailed out in disgust, anger, and a feeling of hopelessness.

I'm tired of being told what to do about this when I ain't nothin' but a mouse picking crumbs off the floor under the dining room table where the rich Democrats and Republicans come to dine and make their deals. I want to hear what the Democrats are going to do, and when they're going to stop treating me and the rest of the Left as vermin. When I get a real answer, I'll reconsider my status as registered Green.

Until then, no dice.