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Oregon business owners for Bu$h

If you were wondering who Bu$h's local endorsers were at his wretched little Beaverton event...
The "small business" representatives who spoke at Bu$h's Beaverton appearance on Friday the 13th were, according to press reports and transcript:

1. George Puentes, CEO of Puentes Brothers/Don Pancho in Salem, which makes Don Pancho tortillas/chips and other Mexican food products. Consumers might want to make note of his political support for Bu$h when choosing such products, and might wish to let his company know of such choices. It seems to be a publicly-traded company (so, not all that "small.")

2. Jana Taylor, founder of Jan's Cookies (aka Jana's Classics) is an Ayn Rand fan who looked very nervous when she spoke in Beaverton. Her company in Tualatin mass-produces cookie dough for "cookie-dough" ice cream (including, possibly, Ben & Jerry's) and individually wrapped cookies for airline treats. If passengers are given one of her cookies on a flight, they might want to refuse it and then write that particular airline to tell them why they object to them. Likewise, if Ben & Jerry's or other ice cream company clients can be verified/identified.

3. Vail Horton, founder of startup company Keen Mobility. Born without legs, Mr. Horton started a company which makes "mobility enhancement products" such as wheelchair cushions and tips for canes. Mr. Horton has reportedly served or is serving as a member of the "Bu$h-Cheney '04 National Small Business Steering Committee."

4. Kathy Lecompte of Brooks Tree Farms, a large commercial nursery for "reforestation" and landscaping, in Brooks, Oregon. She has lobbied against the increase in Oregon's minimum wage.

Puentes and Taylor have gotten a lot of publicity in the business press for their successful companies, as has Horton for bravely risking a "startup" business. The four speakers glowingly praised the Bu$h administration's excellent effects on their companies and most if not all said they had hired people recently. One wonders what their employee health insurance situation is like.