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More Coverage of Bush Protest

Here are are some more pics of Bush in Beaverton, and a link to a report my wife wrote for our website. I've tried to post this before, apparently without success, so I apologize if it actually comes through twice.
I'm so glad our president went out of his way to make us feel cozy and warm in our own homes! I just hope he felt safe. It's ironic that I got a much more positive vibe from the "dangerous activists" than I did from the Bushies and their security forces. Only in America!!

Here's a link to our website - you can access the text of my wife's report, plus more pics, from here:


Thanks again, Bill

homepage: homepage: http://www.parentsendingprohibition.org
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The 16.Aug.2004 11:00


is out. The unelected leaders of the limp banana republic called USA can not move around freely in our town. Or to think about it, anywhere freedom loving people live. They are internationally know war criminals and without the black shirted goons around them they would be arrest for war crimes.

MY BAD 16.Aug.2004 16:32


On the morning of A13 i did a recon of southridge and reported my impression of the situation here.

Well, my assessment that bush haters would have little visibility, and that the fenced sidewalk would be reserved for pro-fascist simpletons was wrong!
When i got back out there around 12:30pm i was shocked to see that the sidewalk, which was directly across from the school and in full view of the fe
stivities, was open to both camps!
There was room enough for at least a thousand people in the sidewalk area but only about three hundred were there, what a shame...i hope my faulty recon did not keep any bush bashers away!?
This drastic change in protocal for locating protestors in full view of the fascist leaders is most interesting and stands in stark contrast to past visits to Little Beirut.
What's up?

As in some other posts on this event, i too wish there had been some alternative media on scene...what is happening to the spirit of Little Beirut?

Couldn't Find The Article 16.Aug.2004 18:06



I looked all over your site and couldn't find any reference to an article about the demonstrations . . . no link either.

Why not make it easier for us and provide a direct link to the article?


Sorry about the links!! 16.Aug.2004 21:53

bhildy bhildy62@yahoo.com

The links were working earlier today - somehow the home page and action page mysteriously reverted - you figure it out!! Anyway, the pages should be working again, but here are the direct links:

photos -  http://parentsendingprohibition.homestead.com/81304.html
text -  http://parentsendingprohibition.homestead.com/act2.html

Sorry about that - I guess I'll start to have to keep a closer eye on my site!!

Thanks Harmony,