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Rogue IMC Dead

We just lerned that our server died, and convey this not very good news. Here is the message that declared this fate.....
The recycled hard drive running Rogue and a few other IMCs, just died.
We have backups for Rogue, and some others, we will try to find a solution
as quickly as possible (given that we have no more big hard drives), and
get everything back online.

Sorry folks, sometimes, the universe just hates us

so sorry 16.Aug.2004 07:43

to hear this

anyone planning to have any yard sales... bake sales... or benefits, please remember all the coverage Rogue IMC has had for labor and forest issues, along with anti-globalization coverage... they are on the ground making video and working on getting the info out all over Oregon, with events planned in small towns to increase participation in the Indymedia tactic.

These are dedicated activist reporters, who fact-check their stories, and who aren't afraid to take long hikes and drives to get out the news...

please support these folks however you feel able.

how "dead" is the hard drive? 16.Aug.2004 09:54


1. does bios see it still or not?

2. doesn't it work due to bad sectors?

if the answer to both questions above is "yeah", then consider trying grc's SpinRite software.
it fixes bad sectors and recovers data that can't be read from the platters.'

many times a "dead" hard drive or floppy you can't access can be revived just by using the correct tools.
spinrite has a good reputation of repairing bad sectors so the data becomes accessable for the user to copy to
newer media.

Recovery isn't the issue 16.Aug.2004 10:09

a rogue techie

Data recovery isn't the issue, we have backups which are up to date. The drive however is unbootable, and in my experience once a drive starts to fail, you really don't want to trust any data to it. So we're somewhat hesitant to go with the temporary solution.

Thanks though...

np 16.Aug.2004 10:44


thought I should mention the app since it's great for keeping the hard drives in shape(keeping all sectors nice and happy, minimizing the risk of writing to bad sectors, resulting in corrupt files etc.)

what kind of hard drive do you need?

do you accept donations?

rogue techie 16.Aug.2004 11:06


Tell us what equipment you want, be spec wise and tell us what it cost, please.

how big? 16.Aug.2004 11:09


How big a hard drive do you need? I have a few lying around that I would be happy to give to you.

Hard drives 16.Aug.2004 12:06

rogue techie

Thanks much all. In the name of expediency, we're going to be purchasing a hard drive locally, and hopefully get some donations to offset the costs. Probably going to spend about $100.

Anyone wanting to donate can contact  rootscollective@truffula.net

Thank you!