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Hugo Chavez Victory Party -Chavez NO se va! No al revocatorio!

August 15 Venezuelans will go to the polls to re-affirm their support for President Hugo Chavez. Six nation-wide polls in Venezuela predict Chavez will win by between 8-24%. Popular support for Chavez is based on his record of providing schools, healthcare clinics, and vital services to the 70% of Venezuelans living in poverty.
Join fellow Portlanders to celebrate Chavez' electoral victory--and Venezuela's democratic process--in Latin American style.

La Calaca Comelona
2304 SE Belmont

Monday, August 16, 2004, 7pm

info: 503.286.5850

Gray Davis anybody??? 15.Aug.2004 22:22


People don't turn out in these numbers to keep someone. They turn out in record numbers to shit-hammer someone they hate.

wrong, try again next time 15.Aug.2004 22:30

one who knows

The people are turning out because they want to see Chavez's policies continue and know the money being poured into the opposition. It is also due to the intense voter registration drives that took place. Many of these people are voting for the firs ttime, and will probably support the one who gave them the opportunity to vote.

Donít worry, heís not going anyplace. 15.Aug.2004 22:38

me (again)

Even if he loses the recall election (which I think he will), he will still win the election in 30 days or void it. He's a dictator who calms the stupid masses by buying them a free lunch with oil money. Any no talent jackoff can do that (provided you are sitting on that much wealth).

He'll be around for a long time, and the people of Venezuela will become fat and stupid Eloy, much like the Kuwaitis.

If he would invest in long term solutions to their problems I would feel different about him, but he's just bribing the children with ice cream and candy while their teeth rot..

such disinformationalist lines you have, "me" 15.Aug.2004 23:37


Why do you think that Chavez will lose the referendum, "me"? Chavez looks after the 70 percent fo Venezuelans who are impoverished.

You derisively call the money he is putting back into Venezuela "oil money" as if it should not be spent on Venezuelans. That money comes FROM Venezuela - why not keep it IN venezuela? If "any jackoff can do it" then why doesn't this happen more often? Becuase Chavez is not just anyone - he is a leader enjoying popular support because he actually has most of the population's interests at heart. He survived a brief coup because he has support from many portions of the population.

Your statements have no evidence to support them. The line about Venezuelans becoming "fat and stupid like Kuwaitis" is particularly baseless. You truly don't know what you are talking about, correct?

How are Chavez's solutions NOT long-term solutions? He is investing in the people living in shantytowns. He is giving homes and land in order for them to be self-sufficient. Your statements, "me", are pure disinformationalist troll BS.

How is he a "dictator" when every independant election monitor has vouched for the elections he wins? He is popular for a reason.


Women Drive (and Dance, Sing and March With Men in Protest) in Caracas 16.Aug.2004 01:17


Kind of a stretch to equate probable social effects of universal sufferage democratic Chavez rule with those of the autocratic al Sabah sheikdom that rigidly reinforces a medieval, xenophobic patriarchy.

Me is a fascist pig! 16.Aug.2004 05:35


are an enemy of humans, pig me, get a brain and then come back to this site - not before!

Gringo 16.Aug.2004 23:41


I alternately have praised your writing and cursed you here on IndyMedia. In this case, I could kiss you.

The unfolding events have proven "me" clueless. If dismantling the stranglehold of the financial elite is not a long-term solution for humanity, I don't know what is.