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COLUMBINE school shootings were MONTAUK BOY psyop terror operation

This is transcribed from Alfred Bielek: Digital Video Autobiography, 6 hours, Part III

"This is one aspect I would like to get public. This Montauk Boys program is very subversive, it is very invasive, it inserts in many areas of our society in a very unobvious manner. But it's very real. . . ."

On this CD, Al gives the most comprehensive account of his life ever recorded. It will shock and disturb most people to learn what is really going on in this planet. But Al has come to the conclusion that the truth needs to be published.

For over ten years, Al has been featured on Radio Talk Shows and as a speaker in many conferences. His story has captivated the attention of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

We decided to put this CD together because his story could not be adequately told in a 1 hour or even a 4 hour presentation. Only through the combination of audio, video, text and pictures, can the viewer begin to get an understanding of these events.

Many will question why Al hasn't been silenced. We deal with that subject during some of the audio interviews. Perhaps, those who set the agenda are allowing brief glimpses of the truth to emerge. Perhaps it is something much bigger.

. . .

During the 1970's, Al was the Program Director for the Psychics who manned the Montauk Chair. Since the Montauk Boys were a key program at Montauk, Al had some influence with the Montauk Boys program.

His duties were to handle the operations of the Mind Control program. He was in regular contact with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols. Stewart Swerdlow was one of the Montauk Boys programmers under Al Bielek.

. . .

In January 1988, after seeing the movie - "The Philadelphia Experiment", his memories started returning. Al believes his involvement with Montauk ended with that revelation. Over time and though meetings with Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and others, many more memories returned. Ironically, just after his memories returned, Dr. John Von Neumann tried to get in touch with him - a promise he made to Ed Cameron, should his memories ever return.

Al made the decision to go public with the information about his involvement at Montauk and the Philadelphia experiment in the 1989. He has been a prolific speaker on both radio talk shows and conferences.

note: During these interviews, Al Bielek said he received information that up to 2 Million children are missing each year. I didn't believe it! So I did my own research. Basically, what I found is there is a total of 1.4 million children reported missing in the United States. California alone has a total of 110,332. Click here for a link to my reference. Here is a local PDF file of some California stats.  http://www.bielek.com/ab_albielek.htm


Aside from the Montauk Boys project, which expanded to every city in the U.S.—-major city that is, as the Air Force later determined--sometime in 1997-8 it was a worldwide problem, certainly though with much less intensity and usage [overseas] than in the U.S.—-because I went to Europe on a lecture series and I also went to Australia. There were Montauk Boys there but the numbers were very low.

Before getting into some of the other aspects of Montauk, I'll close off on the subject of Montauk Boys.

In 1993, I met a gentleman by the name of Phil Schneider who was a retired—-by his own choice-—government geologist. He was up in one of my lectures in Seattle. His home was in Portland, Oregon, in that area. I told him about the Montauk Boys thing. He became rather incensed, and said "this to me smells of pedophilia." I said, "well, perhaps you could say that in a manner of speaking." He says, "I'm going to look into it."

He did. He went to the Portland Police Department, asked them about it, and they said, "uh, yes we heard about the program and we would advise you it would be best to not to poke your nose into business that doesn't concern you." They were quite telling him go get lost and don't come back. He became quite upset about that, and he went to the FBI.

And the FBI—-he went to the office—-and he met one of the officers who had been in the service for over 20 years, a senior FBI man, and discussed it with him. He said, "yes, we know about the program. "Oh you know about it?" "Yes." "What are you doing about it." "Oh, nothing." "Well, why aren't you?" "We can't." "Why not?" "Because our hands are tied." He said, "Let me give you a few statistics."

And this is where I became very interested—-when it came back to me with these statistics—-it's common knowledge, though its suppressed. He said, "in every year in the United States approximately 2 million kids disappear. And this has been ongoing for at least 20 years. We investigate of course where we can, and, eventually we find out what happened to at least 1 million of those kids who disappeared during that period—-they are found, returned to their parents—-but the other million we never find anything about them whatsoever. It's just like a blank slate. We don't know where they went or what happened to them. And this has been ongoing for some 20 years essentially."

Well, it doesn't take too much mathematics to take 20 years times 1 million.

That's 20 million kids that have disappeared in 20 years, approximately. Suppose half of them were picked up in the Montauk Boys program. That's a very large, shall we say, secret army, under somebody's control. Well I told that to Phil and he said, in the process of discussing it, he saw that possibility. Then I went back to Preston [Nichols] . . .to the first Montauk Boys programming site under Sag Harbor, Long Island [which]. . . was broken into by the Air Force in 1997 because of what Preston told them, and the things they were doing there at that time.

The Air Force got into it, and they closed the base.

They got all the files and the records. Preston was allowed to see them.

They had 30,000 dossiers from that one location alone with photos and complete history of how the Montauk Boy had been processed. One came from as far away as Australia, to be run through Sag Harbor.

The personnel were all low level personnel in a strange gray uniform—with no rank, no bars, no indicating name—but strange red threads, epaulettes or whatever it was on their shoulders. But the desk hardware was most interesting. The desk pen and pencil sets all had a red rosy cross—-er, a red rose on top of a gold cross. This could be the Rose Cross, the Rosicrucian order, we're not sure exactly what because they are both; and further digging on the part of Preston and myself in so far as Preston was concerned, the Palatine Monks were involved in this thing, and other groups: the Knights, uh, the Knights of Malta. Not the Knights Templar. And by implication of course the possibility of the Masonic order. I am not making the statement that the Masonic order was involved, though there is implication that it could have been.

Somebody at high level was running this thing.

The religious orders were being used as a front, and as we finally learned, the government and the miltiary had nothing to do with the operation of this program. And it was not set up by the Germans, it was not being run by the German people as it went on in time. We have still yet to get all the answers as to who was running it.

What the ultimate purpose is—-again, at that time I got no answers as to what the purpose was or what it was to be used for—-but it is fairly obvious today because all you have to do is look around you, you can see the mayhem that has been created. And particularly in terms of the school shootings, where in some cases these kids act absolutely blankly with blank minds and then, snapped out of it later. Particularly the Conyers incident exactly one month after the Columbine operation—-where the kid was shooting quite randomly in the yard, hit no one. The assistant principal came out, talked him into dropping the gun, putting it down, which he did. Then he put his arms around him, and the kid, snapped—jolted, like that [made shocklike arm movements], and said "where am I? What's going on?" He had absolutely no recollection of what he did.

This is what has been going on in all of these cases of these school shootings. One has to look a little further to know what the program is: and its becoming quite obvious what the program is for those who look at it at all, particularly the Columbine operation. This resulted in passing legislation for gun control that had been stymied for a long period of time. . . . Somebody is running a program to control the thrust of legislation. . . . The Montauk Boys can be used for a lot of other things... . You might note that in the whole operation of these school shootings—-whether it be Conyers, Columbine or whatever—-no one ever suggests that these kids have been under some form of mind control. This is a totally verboten subject, they will not approach it, they will not admit to it, they will not even consider it.

This is one aspect I would like to get public.

This Montauk Boys program is very subversive, it is very invasive, it inserts in many areas of our society in a very unobvious manner. But it's very real. . . .

Trenchcoat Mafia, Satanist Montauk Boys, programmed at NY air force base 15.Aug.2004 20:33


. . .and one of the things that turned up was a term, the Trenchcoat Mafia. And this term came out of Eric's mouth and Diamond's [unclear] mouth. They considered themselves members of the trenchcoat mafia. Others showed up at the site, which was not publicly reported. . . . .and I might admit that my #2 son admitted that he was in the Trenchcoat Mafia, that he was in government employ as an assassin, this is one of the things they use the Montauk Boys for. I'm not happy to say this about my #2 son. I won't go into how I happened to learn that he was, but, I did. . .

And, this whole operation the Trenchcoat Mafia can be traced to an Air Force base, now closed, in upstate New York—the same air base where Eric Harris's father [Columbine shooting spree kid], in the Air Force, came from and was stationed with his family for many years.

Now what are the Trenchcoat Mafia if I may explore this slightly. They are considered an offshoot of the Montauk Boys program which is specifically, uh, shall we say, guardedly, religiously-oriented. They're Satanists.

The whole nine yards of the Trenchcoat Mafia are Satanists and Satan worshippers, as way Eric and Dylan [unclear word] this was never made public. And they took great care not to make that public. This whole group was considered a Satanic group in origin. If you remember in the public discourse—in the videos and everything they showed on T.V. and the little bit they showed about the diaries—one of the things that's happened in the shootings in the library, and this was noted in the public press when Eric or Dylan it doesn't matter which one it was went up to one of the girls, grabbed her around the neck, essentially, and pointed a gun at her head, and says "Do you believe in God?" This one particular girl said yes. Bang. Shot dead.

If she had said no, she would have lived. This was among other things a Satanic operation in terms of the orientation of the boys being used. This is not good news, and I'm sure it's not pleasant to a lot of people, and I don't wish to [unclear], though examine the facts for yourself.

There's another aspect to the new Montauk Boys program, and that's what they call the "Jesus Freaks"—pardon the expression—but their the ones that have gone off the deep end of religion, in the sense of the Christian orientation. Of course the two are opposed.

But their both used! And they have their place. I do not know what their place is.

And there's still the group in the middle, shall we say, uh, mid-line America, the middle cross-section of society totally, ah, um, not out of line, completely in the norm, and of course there's still Montauk Boys in that group and now Montauk girls. They are very unobvious because of the fact that they fit into the mainstream of society.

So much for the Montauk Boys and the Montauk Girls. It's an ongoing program. It's not fun, no one knows when they may strike next or if there is some major operation in store for the future.

To this date I have not seen a massive operation, there was only one other I could report that, uh, was, to my mind, indicative of a massive Montauk boys operation and that was back some years ago, I believe around '88, '89... where on that night, large cities from, large cities across the U.S., sprung up with fires simultaneously from Los Angeles--not to New York City—but to many other cities, riots and burning the city.

And the police were hands off in Los Angeles. I do not know if that implied the same action in other cities. They let it go for a period of time and then they were told to close down on it. It was an orchestrated demonstration of something. Don't ask me what. Other than, it was obviously. . . Montauk Boys.

Let's get off the Montauk Boys and move to something else.

talking montauk 15.Aug.2004 21:42

Cordy Plintock

My name is Cordy Plintock and I was recruited into Club Montauk (originally called Mantalk, but later changed to further obscurantize its pedophiliac orientation) by its founder Pliny Scowltrel in 1651. I and dozens of earlier abuductees were exposed continuously to various forms of psychic abuse resulting in extreme mental duress and often prolapse of the anus. The control center is spiritually based, and Pliny still acts as "non-fleshy" director in the invention and promulgation of subversive, sinister psyop interventions at the heart of contemporary American life. I currently am between bodies in the Astral Sphere where I nonetheless suffer severe psychic repercussions for bringing to light the existence and insidious nature of the Montauk Elite Cadre. I am capable, as aptly demonastrated by this email, of interfacing with the internet, and am available for late night radio talk shows for $300/hour. A live chatroom session can be initiated and my text fed into ViaVoice or other vocal transduction programs. Please contact via comment on Indy media.

i've seen 15.Aug.2004 23:26

the abductions

with 2 million abductions a year, most americans should personally know at least one or more abductee. one friend of mine was sucked out of his bedroom window by a white beam of light and right up into a black helicopter. it had no markings except for the eye in the pyramid thingee. actually, it was an apple instead of an eye. i suspect steve jobs.

I have been 16.Aug.2004 08:51

shrunken helpimapea@mailinator.com

down to the size of a pea every night for the last week by the cruel designs of an illuminati inspired elf-creature living in my basement. I do not know what to do but am thrilled to have finally found an understanding community, if even only online. i know that this site is generally inhabited by people who oppose chemical pest control, but given the urgency of my dilema, would it not be advisable for me to use any means available??

Please note ... 16.Aug.2004 14:21

Jody Paulson

... that whenever you see a string of ridiculing comments like this (obviously by the same guy) it means you're on to something. BTW, I suspect the kid that crashed his plane into a Florida building may have been involved in a similar program (  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/plane_tampa020106.html ). And what about the kid involved in the DC sniper case? How convenient for the feds to have an excuse to get rid of the age-old law separating local law enforcement and the military. Of course, as in the Colombine case, the main objective is to persuade Americans to give up their right to bear arms.

HEY! 16.Aug.2004 14:54


Hey, that guy looks kinda like Harvey Keitel!

what?! 16.Aug.2004 15:00


Strings of ridiculing comments are only indicative of the commentors' disrespect for the poster. They should not be used as a basis of belief in the subject matter. For example, if a Holocaust denier posted an article on Indymedia, and lots of people wrote ridiculing comments to it, it still doesn't make the holocaust denier's article any more true.

hmm 16.Aug.2004 18:51


intersting input Jody. Thanks.

I had thought about both of those before, from a bottom-up view, though failed to make a connection potentially to the above. It was before I heard Bielek's 'top-down view' of things which seems to fit...

Illuminati at work 17.Aug.2004 11:23



Illuminati at work

Please slow down and pay no attention

help me ima pea 17.Aug.2004 11:55


As the author of the above distressed pea comment, i can firmly say that not all of the comments above were authored by the same commenters. I have reason to believe, in fact, that the elf like creature in my basement wrote those prior to my own. He is a very smart elf, however.

ultra new benz 20.Apr.2005 17:23

screamin seaman silverbird 58@aol.com

Dear mr beilek, years ago i'd met you in a recrouting misson. About
summer of 1966. You walked to our back door that day,and apeared more interested in my brother eddy ,i was about nine then. "i asked to see the boss" remember you looked about 40 years old and within that seemed 30.
so with that you left and a tall man came up the side walk not to much hair sharp dressed brown trowsers with manillia dress shirt. i recalled his voice decades latter. anyways your car you drove up in was sleek black
benz .INFACT it was so sleek it wasnt built yet . im not suposed to recall this stuff ,but the debunkers arn't exsposed to this (new way of thinking)the benz apeared to be a 73 series sedan i was nine then and just learning about cars.
Sometime in 1977 around lunar eclips in march, was taken to i
absolutly dont know i was there for my mind they said and watched for years, since early 60's. it seems i was beaten up badly /as a forgetter
template / to forget, i recall alot of pain and can say i know how it feels to be microwaved somewhat. others were there and i'd actually met preston , heck we were kids. one night i'd ran off to a old house and preston was there. i took a bath .First time in weeks maybe months.I wasnt allowed to see the sun or the moon on regular basis(I could figure out where and what time it was)blind folded heavily and drugged often.
so if they can make a late model 1997 benz visit me in 1966 a ship couldnt be that much more work .. thank you for the warm bath freind..

new albany ,indiana

Illuminati at Work 16.Apr.2007 22:54