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Media and Government Lies About Hurricane Deaths

Jeb Bush lies to general public about death toll due to hurricane Charley. Is this another example of Republican mendacity? Of Republican collusion with the corporate facist insurance companies who do not want to pay out claims on deceased people? Same thing happened after hurricane Andrew.
Is this why FEMA, Florida National Guard and local law enforcement are harrassing people, trying to intimidate them? So that FEMA can spirit away corpses and relieve the insurance companies of liability to pay out on life insurance claims? An eyewittness describes the aftermath of hurricane Charley in a posting on the RumorMillNews web site:

As for the media death toll, don't believe a word of what you have heard, just as we even heard on the radio here today. Two of us went to deliver generator gas to relatives on Burnt Store Road in Punta Gorda (where the mobile home parks used to be that I wrote about earlier today here on RMN). We were stopped by FEMA, National Guard, and STATE POLICE who asked me to prove I had a reason to be there. I told them the exact name and address of my relative down the street, showed them our gas cans, showed them my military (retired) ID, and they eventually let me through after checking the name and address I had given them. There were MANY MANY body bags lined up on both sides of the road, far more than we could count as I drove slowly through that one block. There were search dogs and many teams going through the rubble not far from the main road. They hadn't even passed through 50 feet of rubble yet. But even worse was what I was unable to see on Friday night... body PARTS that were being collected. Our estimate is that there were at least 20-30 body bags already on BOTH sides, waiting to be put into trucks.

homepage: homepage: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=54091

any pictures?? 15.Aug.2004 20:42

no offense

but, the site being linked to is called rumour mill...

Any photos of your experience??

Sounds horrible.

Hope this gets out/gets leaked...

come on folk's.... 15.Aug.2004 22:24

wake up

do any of you out there really believe this "government" will tell the TRUTH? Get real!

Now, really... 16.Aug.2004 13:39

Where's the truth

...how much of this is verifiable information and not paranoid apocalyptic crap?

I do believe the recorded toll of the dead (17 bodies) is far too low, but I don't think there is a coverup or if there is, that the coverup is more of a scam by the already shithammered insurance companies and not anything having to do with the election.

I think there is far more prosaic explanations (insurance companies avoiding collapse) at work than some grand conspiracy. Panic and greed are often good starting points for lies, but lay a poor foundation for grand conspiracies.

Granted, if the insurance companies get hammered (like they did with Andrew), it will have a mildly negative effect overall on the economy and may require a multi-billion dollar bailout on our dole by the federal government.

Well, which is it? 16.Aug.2004 16:05

Toe Tag

Paranoia, don't let it destroy ya. Either there were "too many body bags to count" or they could be counted ("estimated 20-30")---which is it? Besides, what would "hiding" all those bodies do to any insurance claims by their next of kin? After a storm like that, the insurance companies likely won't require a body to pay off on a life insurance claim. And I don't recall any insurers getting bailed out after Andrew---they simply raised their rates for Florida (or ate the losses and ceased writing business there, as the state and local governments weren't serious about enforcing building codes) and went on about their business.

Insurance Companies don't need media to confirm dead 21.Aug.2004 07:59

Frank Newman newman5@prodigy.net

If someone in my family dies and I need to file a claim to get the life insurance due, I don't need to show them how the newspapers confirm that my relative has passed away.

The only possible reasons for supressing the real body count figures (for that does seem to be happening. I have read inside reports that it is up around 400!) might be that it might alert terrorists that the entire state of Florida has been crippled at this point.

I cannot see the logic behind conspiracy theories here.

Just got back from Punta Gorda 21.Aug.2004 19:34


just stumbled onto your comment. I arrived back home today around 6 pm from helping my parents clean up in Burnt Store Isles in Punta Gorda. I can't speak to the body bags, other than the fact the your paranoia is scary. Our insurance adjuster was very generous and helpful. The national guard did exactly what they were supposed to do: stop looting. Many houses are empty during the summer because the owners are what locals refer to as "snow birds" - they only come down for the winter. The national guard drove around and just kept an eye on things, stopping only those folks that didn't seem to be hauling debris like the rest of us. We were all hauling debris to the curb, if you were hauling a tv to your car...you got stopped and questioned.

The curfew was used to keep looters out also. Every night my dad came home from his job at the airport, he got stopped at the checkpoint. he showed id, and they let him through. They did catch a few looters, so they have probably stepped up security. I for one, appreciate it. My folks, like many others are unable to secure their house right now. Not to mention all the unlicensed construction company trucks driving around passing out cards and the shyster insurance "middle man" who wanted folks to give him 10% of their settlement to handle their claim for them.

Nothing fishy going on there. Just a bunch of folks helping each other, a government that is maintaining order in a polite way, and insurance companies trying to outdo each other with good press for their generousity.

The death toll will be released as soon as they actually identify the bodies and finish cleaning up. There is NO reason to cover it up. There would need to be some motive for covering it up and the miniscule amount of money insurance companies would save trying to avoid 400 or so claims when they have thousands and thousands of other claims is just an absurd thought.

Government does lie! 24.Aug.2004 09:35


I'm from Miami, FL. I can't tell you anything about Hurricane Charley, but I can tell you about what happened here because of Andrew. The area worst hit by Andrew was a heavy agricultural area that thrived because of migrant labor. The migrants lived in an area dubbed "Tent City," which was completely destroyed. Too many body bags to count and it never made the news. Does it surprise you though? I'm guessing the same thing is happening on the west coast in places like Arcadia which is also very agricultural. I just wish we knew the facts.

The 25 names 27.Aug.2004 14:52

made up

Is there a list of the 25 deaths from Charlie somewhere?

a little paranoia can be healthy in an evil world 17.Sep.2004 10:21


The purpose of hiding body counts likely is not to help insurance companies, as the earlier responder mentioned, insurance guys don't refer to fema body counts, but either bodies and/or death certificates I bet. You might be able to hide a few, but if there are too many, you just can't hide it. The families WILL eventually make enough inquiries if relatives come up missing. The "hide it from the terrorists" idea is possible I think.. but might it also be plausible that keeping the counts low might simply be just to keep the media away while the 'police-state-training' is going on? Let's face it, we may be dealing with "storm-steering" here with the purpose to set precedence for the emerging police state in terms of government mandate, public reaction, emergency response, crowd control.. etc. Let's not forget UN re-wilding too. Perhaps Florida (or the southeastern US) is a test-region (easy susceptibility to hurricanes) for some kind of agenda?