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What happend to the way Portland use to be?

What happend to the way Portland use to be?
What happend to the way Portland use to be?

I remember a time in Portland when if Bush came to town Streets got shut down, people made themselfs heard at any cost, there was a well formed black bloc...etc.

In Beaverton for his last visit black bloc was 2 people strong...

Are we going to sit around talking about doing things are we going to take to the streets and do things?
I think people realize 15.Aug.2004 16:53


Bush is a lame duck; there is no way he can win a fair election so either he will lose in which case protesting against him may not be the best use of time or the election will be rigged enough in his favor that people will have to deal with it. It's a victory that Bush is too afraid to come anywhere near the city and too afraid to announce his plans ahead of time. We all know that if Bush was popular and came to downtown thousands of people would show up. As it is, people are just moving on, and that's not a bad thing so long as they're still paying attention to whatever is going to happen next. So, perhaps nothing has changed about Portland. I'm looking forward to anti-Kerry protests once Kerry institutes a draft sometime next year.

I Agree 15.Aug.2004 17:43

I Was There

with my kid. I felt it was important for us to be there, so even though we had no idea were we were realy going and having to navigate around closed interstate on/off ramps, we made it.But once there we were indeed dissapointed in the turn out. Maybe next time

agree too 15.Aug.2004 18:25

Camas Paddler

I was there too and was very shocked at the low turnout.
I know that many many people were at the Kerry event, but... c'mon now.
How the hell do you NOT protest the MOST HATED MAN IN THE WORLD when he comes to your own town? I felt that I owed it to humanity.

We live in damn strange times my friends.

However... I did find it (more than) interesting to be f'ing mingling around with
Bush supporters. What the F was up with that????


Lame Duck 15.Aug.2004 18:46

I agree

There's no need to demonstrate Bush, for he is already a goner.

Divide and "Conquer" Was the Plan 15.Aug.2004 20:38

Cheney Watch

Part of the repugs' plan in following John Kerry around like a tick on the back of a dog is to divide and conquer. I'm sure they hoped that most of those who might demonstrate would decide to go to the Kerry rally instead.

If everyone had shown up to protest Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney would have called it a victory because "nobody went to the Kerry rally."

My hope is that even the stupidest person could see the difference between a massively-supported rally open to all and a closed fund-raising function, a sop to the Port, and the effrontery of "loyalty oaths."

The only reason to protest GW is... 15.Aug.2004 21:21

Pravda or Consequences

Survey the police operations. Look for new high-tech equipment and the website that will someday (if not now) show the satellite photo of every place the president is at any time.

They don't call it a battleground for nothing.

Boreagonian Totals 2300 Bush - 50,000 Kerry 15.Aug.2004 22:00

I agree

with the above posts send to every website you like Bush was slaughtered in Portland. In a free city Bush can't show his face. We won big. Like hiding George like Kissenger travel restrictions await you.

Division 16.Aug.2004 00:22

George Bender

I don't live in Portland anymore, but maybe what is happening, there as elsewhere, is that we've split up into groups going in different directions. A whole wing of the peace movement has developed willful ignorance and decided to follow the Democrats. Others of us, still relatively sane, have continued to fight the Democrats, or headed off into inner space.

I'm looking forward to the morning after, when peace activists wake up in bed with the Democratic party. Oh the priceless expression on their faces, as they realize that their perimenters have been, well, penetrated.

George Bender 16.Aug.2004 11:14


you mean fighting the Dems on local elections great. But Bush must go Kerry wins on this. The price of leaving Bush in is going to be paid by children around the world. If you want a sweetener for the US Kerry will appoint better judges.

The mourning after 16.Aug.2004 17:01

Ifu can

Yes we must keep Barry Goldwater out and get LBJ in as the only way of peace.
Years later, 3 million dead vietnamese, 58,000 dead americans.
In eight years time you will remember the morning Kerry 'reported for duty.'
Question is, how many dead people will it be worth?

Goldwater v. Johnson 16.Aug.2004 22:17

you gotta be kiddin

"Yes we must keep Barry Goldwater out and get LBJ in as the only way of peace.
Years later, 3 million dead vietnamese, 58,000 dead americans."

If Goldwater had been elected, within months North Vietnam would have recieved a nuclear bomb, the USSR would have reacted and .,.........well, we might not be sitting here.
A very lame anology ifu can.
Barry Goldwater was a very dangerous man, who was trounced in the election .........hopefully history will repeat itself.

Here's the answer 17.Aug.2004 10:38

as to

what has happened to Portland lately
Love Me, I'm a Liberal (Jello Biafra/Mojo Nixon version
Love Me, I'm a Liberal (Jello Biafra/Mojo Nixon version" Prarie Home Invasion")

Streets don't get closed down 17.Aug.2004 11:41


because the City of Portland cannot afford the liability to allow Bush to visit downtown Portland. It is too costly and too risky because the potential and likely result is a grave incident causing significant harm to protesters at the hands of the police. Recall the baby and reporter spraying from a couple of years ago. Such an event would bring greater scrutiny to the police misconduct which has only barly been kept under wraps and another public event of police misconduct would lead to a public outcry launching a thourough public investigation of the beaureau which the bureau could not survive. The whole upshot is that the City of Portland has disinvited Republican officials from the downtown core. It is a combination of insurance underwriters and the advice of the city manager and city attorney and the Politicians who have all determined that the Police cannot be controled at protests and, therefore, and they pose a threat to the city.

Contain Him At All Costs . . . Before He Spreads! 17.Aug.2004 16:19


Wah-hah . . . so the presence of Bush in the city center is likened unto toxic waste. Maybe he should be forced to appear upriver at Hanford so that he can be contained with all of the other radioactive material.