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White Supremacist Images on the Portland Police Association Webs

Portland OR, 8/14/04 - Arissa volunteers uncover white supremacist imagery on the Portland Police Association's official website.
August 15, 2004

Arissa Volunteers Uncover White Supremacist Images on the Portland Police Association's Web Site.

PORTLAND, OR- In the wake of the tragic and unnecessary deaths of Kendra James, James Jahar Perez, Jose Mejia Poot, and many other people of color at the hands of the police in recent years, much outrage has been expressed by the Portland community. The police officers involved in the incidents have been exonerated of any wrongdoing, and in some cases, have been rewarded for their actions.

The Portland Police Association, the police union, has been extremely influential in proposals and decisions relating to police reform on the municipal level, and the conditions of all disciplinary action taken against the officers involved in these killings of unarmed citizens.

There has been public debate on the need for cultural sensitivity training for all officers. However, the focus has been on appeasing the public outrage surrounding racist actions by the police, and there has been little talk of the ingrained attitudes of white supremacy in much of the Portland police department, its origins, and potential resolutions.

On Saturday, August 14th, 2004, Arissa volunteers uncovered images of concern on the Portland Police Association's official website. These images are
1) a nazi swastika (URL:  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files/swastica.gif)
2) a Ku Klux Klan hood
(URL:  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files/KKK.jpg)

Arissa demands that the Portland Police Association publicly disclose why and by whom these white supremacist images are being stored on the Portland Police Association's official website.

Rebecca Pierpont
Arissa- Portland Chapter
(503) 972-1140

* A description of the methods used to uncover the images is included.

Methods Used in Uncovering White Supremacist Images on the Portland Police Association's Website

1) Went to the public Portland Police Association's website:  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com.
2) Followed a specific and publicly posted image to the image file by removing the end of the html tag. (E.g. went from  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files/RobertKing.jpg to  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files, which brought us to the image directory.
3) Looked through all the image files and discovered several images of note:

In viewing these images, we are viewing public information. If the information was not public they would have posted a restricted access warning and kept their images in a secure location. These images are not linked to from any article or page in the publicly available website. Are these images linked to from pages in the restricted access portion of their site, or are these images just in "storage" within the file? We do not know, because we do not have access to that part of their site.

homepage: homepage: http://www.arissa.org
phone: phone: (503)972-1140

this is truly revolting news 15.Aug.2004 15:25

a citizen

my question is WHY has that damned Vera Katz & her Chief Foxworth sat on their damned asses to
allow this happen? Are they a part of the conspiracy? Why do they tolerate this evilness?

aint this a so what situation? 15.Aug.2004 15:41


It's taking me a while just to figure out negotiating the computer code path, so through this and the former article, "wha-a-a-as this", I'm learning something, but does the presence of these symbols on the cop association site really offer any useful, substantial indication of their intent? Seems kind of scurrilous to me. You need a mole.

of course 15.Aug.2004 15:55


All cop sites have nazi images on them, now move along, nothing to see here.

Image files 15.Aug.2004 16:35

thank you wget

I'm going to make a wild guess and say these images won't be available for very long on the server (which means people should check the links while they can to witness for themselves). But it was easy enough to pull a copy of the directory and zip it. So here it is.
http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files/ zip file
http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/Image_files/ zip file

Clip Art 15.Aug.2004 18:12


My thoughts on these images, and the other contents of the folder holding them, are that they might be akin to clip-art on a computer desk top.

Consider the extramural nature of the PPA--an employee organization that isn't subject to the levels of accountability and regulation of behavior that state ordinances would hold for the official PPB. Given the perpetual juvenilization that the law enforcement occupation tends to promote--sort of like the jocks in H.S., get to wear uniforms, evasion of independant adulthood by always having "the coach" make their bigger decisions, always held in good regard by the school authorities, given a lot of latitude, and seldom, if ever, held to account for their high-jinks and cut-ups, as they are the school authorities "muscle" in student affairs. Think the brains of boys in the bodies of men.

This PPA folder of images, and other "droppings" might just be a rambling, rotating depository for wise-ass, "naughty", forbidden images that the membership can cut and paste into their personal e-mail rants and jibes about the public within the PPA "family".

Nevertheless, this doesn't make the presence of these images trivial on the archives of a fraternity club of public safety "professionals."

Will the city administration answer for this archive maintained by a public employees' fraternity club?

Will the corporate media expose and pursue the presence of flagrant racist and hate imagery on the PPB employees' private fraternity web site and get some explanations?

Is the PPA scrambling at this moment to spin up some rationalization?

About coverage? 15.Aug.2004 18:50


Rebecca, this post is presented as a press release. Have you released this to other media and could you publish the distibution list?

not sure. 15.Aug.2004 19:04


After this story breaks on local or larger media it should be ok to release the names of media contacted. Untill then it would pose an un-nessicary risk to provide this information as it would enable the ppa and thier allies to have greater focus in any efforts to contain this story. I've witnessed media blackouts and it seems like there's no reason to help them if we can aviod it. If you're with a media organization interested in covering this story, feel free to contact Rebecca Pierpont at (503) 972-1140.

in love and war,

clip art 15.Aug.2004 21:27


Yeah, you know, at first that's what I thought, that with a standard clip art package, you're likely to get one or two incriminating images. If they had 1000's of images, it's just as likely that they'd have a cross or islamic moon as a swastika...

But when there's only 30-something images on there and every other image is being used elsewhere (i.e. pictures of members, navigation buttons, icons, etc), that looks REALLY BAD. Whoopsie!

quite fascinating 15.Aug.2004 21:47

Ben Maras

The one thing I'm curious about is how they happened to just get the idea to search for some racist image files on the website, and happened to find some ...

Not saying this is false, thats just one of the things that sounds a little fishy to me. I'd be interested to know exactly what the "image_files" section is. It could be as innocent as the fact that the files were used for a story about neonazi's in portland, and never deleted. Or if the webpage has a wiki (which I find hard to believe) they could be posted by anyone who's a member. Or somehow they got hacked. Or theres also the very possible fact that they are there for a more sinister purpose. At any rate, this needs to be followed up on.

Organizational responses would be welcome. 15.Aug.2004 22:08


Indymedia was the first news service to recieve this information so the chances are high that any news service articles written regarding this news will look to indy for coverage depth. If your organization is interested in making a public response to this story posting to this thread sooner than later might be a good idea.

frankly, this isn't surprising 15.Aug.2004 22:30


if you'll recall a while back there was lot's of news regarding Officer Kuger being a neoNazi,
as well as a lot of the members of the police being members of the Brotherhood of the Strong.
Rumors have had it (here is where I've read it a number of times) that PPA-members like Robert
King, Jason Sery, Scott McCollister and those types who've wantonly killed fellow citizens are
themselves members of the Brotherhood. It's reported time and again, and yet, the mainstream
media never does a thing with it...ignores it as if it's bullshit! What if it's NOT?

The image is out of context. 15.Aug.2004 23:33


I'm sorry without knowing what context this image is used in , you really can't assign it a racist value. For instance it could have come from an article about white supremacist activity in Portland, which believe or not, the Police do monitor and sometimes even arrest people for. I am not about to pretend that there aren't some racist members of the Police force, but that isn't everybody. You taking this out of context is the same as Dick Cheney taking what Kerry said out of context to make it seem like Kerry said that we had to be *sensitive* in dealing with terrorists.

understanding the context 16.Aug.2004 00:34

they want people to know

The context is that these images have been on the server for 4 years. If they were used in an article it's not one that is publicly available. However, think about it, even if you were writing something about neo-nazism would you use these images? Of course not. Everyone knows what a swastika is and how the kkk dress, you don't need to illustrate it. Whoever runs the server got caught by not properly locking down their server. We know there are neo-nazis in the force and so finding these is images is not surprising.

Well, I for one am planning on enjoying the explanation.

Con Text 16.Aug.2004 02:18


What context, SKiDmark?

The images are prima facie--they exist in fact and stand alone as symbols of white racism and white supremacy--at that web page of the PPA.

They aren't visually ambiguous, are they? Will you say the klan night rider hood might be mistaken for an example of something a spray painting or sandblasting shipyard worker would wear, or the swastika is recorded in the file as a symbol in Indian decorative arts, appearing as images in an archive of a police fraternity?

How do these concrete images in the PPA digital archives morph to Kerry statements that Cheney (if you say so) takes out of context?

Further, the discussion, while generally scathing and critical of certain members and practices of the PPB, hasn't generated consensus, or even an opinion, that the entire PPB is racist. Saying "a lot", "many", "most", "some" isn't saying "everybody."

it's quite unsettling 16.Aug.2004 06:05


when you see that the image directory consists
navigation buttons and then the KKK images.

check yourself, go to the directory:
there you see what images are on the server.

compare it with what would happen if someone
had kiddyporn on a server and you understand
why people really take offence from the "police"
having such images on their server.

it's obvious that the police are connected in
some way to the KKK. the question is whos head will roll.

seriously 16.Aug.2004 06:10


Read the rest of the articles on the public page and you'll see that these images have NO CONTEXT in the public page. It's thoroughly linked above. This site was monitored as much as little as two months ago and these images were NOT THERE! So even if the Klan/images are in reference to an article on the private portion of the site what then of the griev file. File your police grievances with an executioner. Did you say this isn't relevant?

please 16.Aug.2004 09:04

i'm waiting

god damn do i want to read some kind of official response to this!

Dress Code 16.Aug.2004 09:12

what else?

Those images are up there so all the coppers know the DRESS CODE at PPB!! "Headgear and proper insignia are essential to unit morale," said Kroaker once upon a time.

would someone please find out 16.Aug.2004 10:15


Jason Sery & Scott McCollister are dues-paying members of the PPA?

Are they officer's in this little club?

This could go a long way in explaining their racist actions.

I trust the lawyer's advancing the respective civil suits will take note of this
and use it to the fullest in bringing JUSTICE to these creepy bastards!

Tired of Waiting for a Response? 16.Aug.2004 10:38


Call the president of the PPA yourself:

(from  http://www.portlandpoliceassociation.com/PressRel.htm)

<blockquote>Portland Police Association<br>
Robert J. King pager: (503) 323-6015<br>
Robert J. King cellular: (503) 880-0765</blockquote>
I'm sure he can help clear things up!

I seem to remember 16.Aug.2004 10:42


The executioner image was actually used as a sarcastic comment in one of their articles that was meant to portray how they felt about the greivance-filing process within the police union.

Not Surprised 16.Aug.2004 10:53


This is good work Arissa volunteers.

It's one thing for the PPB to be racist, but to be racist and this stupid is scary.

I think a complaint against the PPB needs to filed IMMEDIATELY with the federal government civil rights division. I will monitor this post and assist if Arissa or others are interested in pursuing this.

From Robert King 16.Aug.2004 11:35


I just called Robert King's cell and asked him what was going on. He sounded surprised, and made mention of websites getting hijacked. He said he is going to look into it.

What swastika? 16.Aug.2004 11:45


They're gone! No Swastika, no KKK. Just vanished as though they were never there! They scrubbed the index list as well.

Soon this will fade from our collective memory, and become no more than just another grain of sand caught between our cheeks rubbing our souls raw

What Graphics? 16.Aug.2004 11:54


Um, the graphics are down. Did someone record them in a way that proves they were actually on the server?

ha! 16.Aug.2004 11:56


Within ten minutes of being notified, they hid the evidence!

They hid the evidence? 16.Aug.2004 12:03


Again, did you somehow capture the images and the server together? Did someone from corporate media witness the images on the server?

i 16.Aug.2004 12:14


bellingham wa. police protect vigilante types. they harass activists and street people.put them on the world map.terror is right here

what now? 16.Aug.2004 12:30

pdx beatnik

the next step i would take with this is to find out who put those images onto the server. i used to work for a large corporation and could put anything i wanted to into the directories that i worked with. the system shows who the owner is. since these were accessed publically, following up on this and demanding that we find out who put those there, and in what context they were used (i.e. were they used on an internal webpage?), would be good.

arissa people, could you follow up on this? i have heard about arissa and haven't been hip on the idea of a violent revolution. if you can do useful things like this rather than just live in a delusional fantasy world in which people take on a government who can afford more guns and chemical weapons than anyone could, then you might gain some respect from me.

thanks. and i know that the violent revolution tidbid is a little off topic. so, if you want to post an article explaining how you think a violent revolution could possibly take place for those of us who still don't get it, that would be awesome.

Jumping To Conclusions 16.Aug.2004 12:30


Let's see, there are three options here:

1. The Portland Police Union stores racist images in public files on its web page because . . . (help me out here) I guess because it's a racist organization made up of a bunch of racists, sees nothing inappropriate about such images, and in fact finds them important enough to make them publicly or privately available.

2. The images were used in an article in the Union's newspaper, perhaps, as one commentator suggests, an article on white supremacy groups.

3. The images were placed on the web page by other than the union.

I'm just curious. We're all supposed to have open minds and wait for facts before we leap to judgment. Particularly before we judge others. I find the strain of "leap to judgment without investigating the facts" common among the posts on this issue particularly repellant to progressive thought. What if, in fact, #2 is correct?

evidence and common sense 16.Aug.2004 13:15


The reason why people were asked to witness is because there is no way to prove that the files were there without actually physically examining the hard disk (which is probably going to be in hard drive heaven sometime today). Screenshots are too easy to fake. The collection of files in the zip above is the best evidence because it has the actually timestamps of the files which have presumably been on the server for 4 years.

I don't find this to be jumping to conclusions. We know there are neo-nazis within the Portland Police. We know that, as has been said, it would make no sense to illustrate an article with these images. If they are going to claim that hackers put the images up they will be lying and also would make no sense. If people had access to the server they could do far worse. The only thing that makes sense is that the images belonged to someone with access to the server. These were not intentionally public files; they just didn't lock down their server properly. I'm sure whoever put the files there did not ever expect them to become public.


Jim Redden jimredden@portlandtribune.com

The swastika and KKK images were used to illustrate a story called "Hate on line" in the January 2001 issue of The Rap Sheet, the Portland Police Association's newspaper. It was written by Loren Christensen, a retired bureau employee who has written numerous articles and books about white supremacists. The emphasis of the article is how dangerous white supremacists are, and about how they are using the Internet to spread their message of hate. I know this because I called Robert King and he sent me a copy of the article, which includes the images. King also said he would take the images down, which he apparently has. Indymedia reaches a lot of people. It's a shame the contributors don't do any reporting before they post their pieces. It's not that hard to pick up the phone and call the people you're writing about. Jim Redden

. 16.Aug.2004 14:05


Hey Jim,

What about the grievance image? That does not seem related to the article at all. Was it in the article?

re grievance image 16.Aug.2004 14:38


I remember seeing that image at the ppa site before. It was attatched to an article about how the cops are not getting a fair shake by the city as far as their union demands. The image is a sarcastic comment about the difficulties in the grievance-filing process, and not a statement about the general public's abilities to file police complaints. This is evidenced by the word "grievance" in the picture instead of "complaint".

I Want to See the Article and Its Dateline 16.Aug.2004 15:05



Can you tell those on this IMC where that issue of The Rap Sheet can be seen? Is the article in a digital format that can be downloaded and viewed? Or does all of this have to go through Robert King?
Here is Loren W. Christensen' web site:  http://www.aracnet.com/~lwc123/
The same site is (mirrored?) at:  http://www.lwcbooks.com/index.html

While there is a separate page for LWC's articles, the article alleged to have appeared in The Rap Sheet, alleged to have used the white supremacist graphic images that were on the PPA website, before that whole file and its contents was redacted a few hours ago, isn't referenced. The LWC site appears a mosh pit for tools, tactics, psyops and training for lethal confrontation and other "self-defense" needs, including general pandering to those fascinated with when "push comes to shove." The tenor of the product line at the LWC website doesn't suggest the dangers of white supremacy as a subject or topic with much market appeal to the LWC clientel. The website is similarly thin on references to the use of the Internet by misceants.

A lower margin notation suggests that the website is up to date into 2004.

From the LWC website:

About Loren Christensen
Martial Artist, Author, Editor, Police Officer (retired)

Loren Christensen is a prolific magazine and book writer, former editor of an award winning monthly newspaper called The Rap Sheet, veteran police officer (retired), and a high-ranking martial artist.

His articles have appeared in a variety of magazines, to include Soldier of Fortune, Warriors, Bodybuilding, Muscle Up, Blackbelt, Karate Illustrated, Karate International, Police, Law and Order, Chief, The Police Marksman, American Survival Guide, Police and Security News, Martial arts Training, American Police Beat,and others.

Loren began his martial arts training in 1965 and over the years he has earned 10 black belts, 7 in karate, 2 in jujitsu, 1 in arnis.

As an author of 27 books, Christensen has received high praise for his easy-to-read, informative writing style from readers and book reviewers in the United States, France and Russia.

If you're interested in private lessons with Loren (click here)
(end quote)

me too 16.Aug.2004 17:09


Those images wern't on the server two months ago. 100% positive. I do not relesh the idea of there bieng nazis in the ppb. It's just when faced with some of the shit I've seen them do in this town it's hard to believe there arn't. Maybee the article Jim Reddin speaks of is on the members only page. Cause it sure as heck ain't on the public one. Either way I'd like to see this article. did robert king give you a link? Or is this article in hardcopy only? in which case why are these images on the site?

For the record he didn't take these images off the site they're still there, just hidden.

glad there won't be nazis busting down my door tonight 16.Aug.2004 17:40

Becca pierpont

Thanks Jim Redden, for the potential clarification. However, just so it remains clear, I didn't jump to conclusions. The press release gave a context for legitimate concerns on the part of citizens of Portland about racist cops, and then asked WHY would the PPA have these images on their site. The reason I didn't go calling up the PPA directly before we publicized the images' existance was because we wanted citizens of Portland to bear witness to the images' existance, in case the PPA was going to take them down and deny everything the minute they heard from me. The three pictures taken in the context that we found them looked a lot like many white supremacist sites' indexes.

I don't like the idea of nazi cops either- but as you know there is tangible proof of connections through the likes of various officers (including our ex-chief Kroeker) and there is the every day common sense kind of proof that most people in Portland aknowledge- the cops' racist behaviors, the recurring "isolated" incidents of blatant white supremacy, the demeaning power trips played out on people of color in particular...

So we should all keep looking at ways to change it and to abolish the fascists' power, instead of being appeased by half-truths or embarrassed when leads turn cold. I'm not a professional reporter- I'm a portland resident. And I think the collective effort involved in this incident will eventually turn up those keys we need to get into the hidden halls of power and disrupt the classist and racist neo-fascism and white supremacy that's just chilling in there. Anything less, and we watch our communities die.

Last but not least, let's see the link to this article "Hate on-line".
It was hard for me to believe that haters in power would be so sloppy as to let their (unpopular) beliefs go public. But sometimes power is checked because people look where they're not invited.

I fully agree with the sentiments expressed by the previous 16.Aug.2004 22:31


and simply urge that we keep the pressure on the police and politicians to force them to clean up
their own house. We've read far too much here @ Indymedia about the PoPo's racism being driven
by Mormon's, Brotherhood of the Strong, neoNazies and/or God alone knows what! We must keep the
pressure on the so-called "management" to police their own rid the force of these asshole types!
So...heck yes...keep reporting everything you find that exposes these people, for it's only in
full exposure that we'll educate the sheepeople so they'll wake-up and refuse to tolerate these
asshole types.

I repeat.. 16.Aug.2004 23:59


See like I said.... 17.Aug.2004 00:45

SKiD mark

Now that the context has been revealed (an article called "Hate Online" ) it is clear that they are not stand alone racist images. I'm sorry you couldn't understand my analogy, which was about how taking things out of context can give them a different meaning. It is a tactic that a lot of conservatives use to attack liberals. Police use it too during court proceedings especially. I don't think we should sink to their level and employ their tactics. They make enough stupid mistakes and engage in enough bad behavior that we shouldn't have to make stuff up or put a spin on something just to make them look bad. It undermines our credibility.

I'm not so sure this is innocent 17.Aug.2004 09:41


Portland Copwatch analyzes each issue of the Rap Sheet


There is no January 2001 issue posted. Granted there is a gap in the issues on that site but it is after April 2001. Maybe the folks at Portland Copwatch know about this so-called "Hate Online" Article.

I for one will believe it when I see it not when Richard "has a lot to lose if this is true" King says so.

sorry but, 17.Aug.2004 13:49


claiming that they have "member pages" where they use images and that those images are from those "internal" pages is just bogus.

a. do they only have 1(?) member page with two(?) articles containing images?
(1 article about KKK(?) and 1 about the flashlight with hidden pepperspray(?))
b. if no, why do those images live in the folder for the gui graphics?

sorry but this all stinks to high heaven.

Very suspect 17.Aug.2004 15:53

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

I have viewed the Rap Sheet online for quite some time, and I have yet to see them use any graphics
for the online stories. Perhaps they did use those images in 2001, but why would they be in the folder
with the navigation graphics?

It's also VERY strange that the images have allegedly been "removed" and yet the swastika image is
still viewable if you link to it directly.

I do recall seeing the photos of the officer and his new flashlight in a hard copy of the Rap Sheet awhile
back. It's strange that they still have Kurt Nelson's photo in there too, considering he left the union as a
rep a few years ago. He was one of the HONEST cops that left the union because of it's corrupt officers.

I'm not sure if it was on this page or another page, but someone asked about whether officers can choose
to join the union. The answer is NO. You HAVE to join the union. However, rather than give them your union
dues, an officer can elect to have them go to the charity of their choice...something that I would have done
years ago, if i'd know then what i know now.

they got alot of my money, and did jack shit for me when i needed them.

Not so sure 17.Aug.2004 16:00


"There is no January 2001 issue posted. Granted there is a gap in the issues on that site but it is after April 2001. "

where are you finding the archived issues? i'm not finding any links to any prior online issues.

PDF copy of the article in question 17.Aug.2004 16:34

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

Here is a PDF copy of the article from the January 2001 Rap Sheet which does contain these images.
"Hate on line" by Loren W. Christensen