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a question regarding Colin Powell and the RNC

Powell not to attend RNC? What's the real reason?
My significant other has been bugged by the apparent implications of Colin Powell's decision not to attend the RNC? What could the real reason be? Where does the Secretary of State fall in the line of succession, should the Resident and the Big Dick be eliminated by a "terrorist attack"? This seems to relate back to Reagan's physical ailments and Al Haig's errant proclamation "I'm in charge now!. Does anyone out there in indymedia land have a thought on this?
I understand that he plans to retire 15.Aug.2004 12:30


He is probably pretty disgusted with the whole thing like everybody else.

Still a Bad Actor 15.Aug.2004 13:59


Well, he's still perched on the top diplomat rung.

If he's so appalled, so disgusted, why doesn't he resign in protest, like diplomats Brown, Keisling and Wright (and others not making, or declining, headlines).


Maybe it could be argued that he's saving the nation from the prospect of Condoleeza Rice (named after a Chevron oil tanker) as his replacement. But then, if it's speculated that he will retire (or resign) should the bu$h junta stay in power, the nation will be afflicted with the Chevron tool anyway.

Nomad 15.Aug.2004 15:05


The thing that you probably do not take into consideration is that people like Powell get into positions of power because they are willing to follow orders and go with the program. Bush surrounds himself with people who will do his bidding even if they know what they are doing is wrong. You might recall that Powell objected to going before the UN. He said something like "I'm not going to read them this, it's bullshit." But he did it anyway.

If Powell did what he thought was right he would have been drumed out of the Army. People who are directed by sense of right and wrong usually don't do very well in the Army or in government.

It's really easy to understand why things are the way they are. All the good people leave or are driven out and only the slime doggys are left. It's a sad thing, but there you have it.

instead of "Haig concern" it was Bush then as well 15.Aug.2004 16:57


on the point about :

"This seems to relate back to Reagan's physical ailments and Al Haig's errant proclamation "I'm in charge now!. "

Actually, the whole concern was from the Bush camp then, they were the one to be concerned about Haig because he was outside of their control sphere. So while the media talked about "Haig, Haig, Haig," he never said exactly that, ever--though the media failed totally the Bush camp ousture of Haig.

Read about it in the chapter from George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Tarplay and Chaitkin.

17 -- THE ATTEMPTED COUP D'ETAT OF MARCH 30, 1981 (87,300 bytes)

hoping to be helpful.

nomad 15.Aug.2004 17:56


Condi said on Russert a couple of weeks ago that she wants to retire .

is this true? 15.Aug.2004 21:17


I heard thateither it's not customary or it's illegal for cabinet members to attend the convention.

presidential succession 15.Aug.2004 21:30


if the constitution has any validity any more-- I'm not saying it does-- then the speaker of the house is next in the line of succession

Line of Presidential Succession 16.Aug.2004 00:49

Andy Seaton

The original Constitution provides that if neither the President nor Vice President can serve, the Congress shall provide law stating who is next in line. Currently that law exists as 3 USC 19, a section of the U.S. Code. This law was established as part of the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. There, the following line of succession is provided:

Speaker of the House of Representatives (J. Dennis Hastert)
President Pro Tempore of the Senate (Theodore F. Stevens (of Alaska))
Secretary of State (Colin Powell)
Secretary of the Treasury (John Snow)
Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld)
Attorney General (John Ashcroft)
Secretary of the Interior (Gale Norton)
Secretary of Agriculture (Ann Veneman)
Secretary of Commerce (Don Evans)
Secretary of Labor (Elaine Chao, ineligible: Born in Taiwan)
Secretary of Health and Human Services (Tommy Thompson)
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Alphonso Jackson)
Secretary of Transportation (Norman Mineta)
Secretary of Energy (Spencer Abraham)
Secretary of Education (Rod Paige)
Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Anthony Principi)
Secretary of Homeland Security (not yet set by law) (Tom Ridge)

The only exception to the line provided in the law states that to ascend to the Presidency, the next person in line must be constitutionally eligible. Any person holding an office in the line of succession who, for example, is not a naturally-born citizen cannot become President. In this case, that person would be skipped and the next eligible person in the line would become President.

Colin redux 16.Aug.2004 09:42


"As secretary of State, I am obliged not to participate in any way, shape, fashion, or form in parochial, political debates. I have to take no sides in the matter,"