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IMC forum?

not trying to fuck with your style...but this would increase the newswire dialouge(in my opinion)
being an IMC poster/reader from the start i see it as an effective educational tool to empower individuals and communites to make their own news media. it's florish from one to nearly a hundred sites proves that it was already a much needed occurance. but recently i see problems with the newswire. i find that only having a day or two of posts on the frontpage discouraging for those who want to find older intresting dialouge that still might have a lot of activity. now i know one can see all the old posts and even search for topics of intrest, but i feel that a forum stlye page would better incourage others to look through old posts and post themselves. it would also be nice to see the number of times a post has been viewed. this informatiom and setup would also give the IMC a better idea of what its readers want from their service(but im sure they have access to this info already).
i know most all the IMC sites i see follow a formula and i saw its time to shake it up, see how the peices land, and then maybe a better understanding can be had.
i hope im not some shmuck telling you want to do.
do others feel this way or do others have other, better ideas?
well now 15.Aug.2004 14:17


Indymedia doesn't do much to "encourage the dialogue" because the dialogue isn't really the point. You CAN post comments if you have something helpful to say (like additional information), or if some lie needs to be refuted, or something, but the point of the site is the main wire posts.

Indymedia sites that direct more attention to comments and ongoing threads generally degenerate into flamewar circus tents with a few people arguing with each other about whatever was the last thing they saw that pissed them off.

ain't we got fun? 15.Aug.2004 16:51


I agree with 'er' on both points, for what it's worth. If you want to see how 'forums' become simply polarized open furnaces for flame wars, I suggest you hang around some for a while...

IMC is news--timely, independent, activist-oriented, uncorporate news and commentary. It's a wire service as well combing the web and sharing information. I prefer the format that stresses sharing of information and which focuses on information instead of endless bellybutton ruminations.

I think the wire is just the right length in my opinion (1 post = 2-3 days) for the speed of the posts that accumulate here. If it were to speed up or slow down overall, I would suggest adjustment, though until then, "in the mean time, in between time, ain't we got fun?"

taken the wrong way 17.Aug.2004 01:28


i never mentioned dismantling the current set up . i just suggested that a forum would helpkeep interesting posts alive and not dissappear in to the masses of old newswire post. i was thinking more of a link to an imc forum. maybe im wrong, but i dont see all the posts end up in flamewars but some do. im sure that the volume of work that a forum would require would stress the local IMC shit workers. maybe this is a project that requires a different website. it would be a good test. if there was such site would you (pdx.imc) link to it on your main page?