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IRAN MAY 17 2004


You're Excellency

I could have never ever imagined the life that my wife and I started many years Ago which was filled with love and joy may one day end up to SEVEN years of unwanted separation . Nor could I ever think of a day when I could be the father of a six years old son whom I have been refused a permission to visit. How difficult it is for me to hear him telling me over the phone I Love you daddy. This longing of seeing them is burning my soul.

What difficult and long days nights that have been unbearable we have endured. We have been going through so much anxiety and emotional distress in all these years just for the hope of HAVING OUR LIFE BACK.

Furthermore it is agonizing to see my son around the Christmas tree sadly watching the other kids with fathers around and asking himself why his father is not by his side during

such holy and precious moments ,I do not believe ANY child deserves this grief's.

I have just met my wife and son ones over two years ago in Thailand for only three weeks No words can express our feeling seeing each other after about five years and I was seeing my four years old son for the first time. It was so exciting and exhilarating.

Every moment of the time we spent together was very sweet and unforgettable just like a sweet dream.

I wish I did not see my four years old son who was getting acquainted to me his father who has not seen him since his birth saying goodbye not knowing when they could possibly be able to see each other again. I can never forget his words at the airport saying Why don't you come home daddy... ... .But daddy you promised to come home and we play Legos.His words and voice still echoing in my ears. I cannot get him off my mind even for moment. I always remember that every time I asked him who is daddy's boy with his innocent and sweet look he opened his eyes and said I am .I wish that I could fly and soar towards them at this very moment.

It is also hard to see my dear wife struggling alone so vigorously for my return for such long time she has been not only to do her best as a loving and devoting mother in bringing up our son but also to fill the gap caused by my absence at home.

In addition she has been striving to be strong and not letting all traumas affect our child. Also Because of sustaining all the tremendous presses and psychological stress for so long she has been seeking some advices as well as treatments by a psychologist .I hope that we remain healthy and strong till moment we start our life again.

Often my wife and I feel that we have been forgotten and that no one pays any attention to our Lives being destroyed right before our eyes.

Moreover how, noble, conscientious and honorable an idea is that the people all around the world should not be regarded as or equated with their own respective governments, I wish that The Canadian authorities had considered me as a HUMAN, before even regarded me as an Iranian, who is asking just for his, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT, to be considered.

Future, it makes everyone wonder, a country like, CANADA, one of the passionate and Serious advocates of the human rights and right of the family and children both in the national and international arena, DEPRIVES, me of seeing my son for SIX years.

In Canada, even animals are enjoying from the special rights considered for them, I wish I was treated like a criminal in Canada so that I would have been imprisoned there, this way at least I could have been able to hug my son even for a moment, since prisoners have the right to see There family. It is likely in the countries where the human rights are violated and the capital Punishment is the low of land, EVEN convicts are allowed to see their families, I wish I had been EXECUTED, so I would not have to witness seven years of humiliation, agony, exhaustion, Despair, and contempt of my dear wife as well as my beloved son.

Indeed, death is more appealing to me than this pathetic life.

However, I accept it was my own fault to make matters so complicated and I apologize for my actions, you have to appreciate because of my inexperience I approached the matter in wrong way. But I am disappointed and deeply hurt having these rumors circulating about me (19(1)(j)) and my innocence have not been proven for the immigration authorities, EVEN that CSIS has giving me security clearness.

Your Excellency, I hope that no family ever deals with the same problem and fate as we do.

I also hope that nothing causes separation among the members of a family for whatever reason that may be.

Hope that any distrust's replaced by compassion, forbearance and affinity.

Yours truly,

Saeed javdani tabrizi nejad

265 10th ave west

azadi st , gohardasht

karaj , Iran

po box 31489

Tel 0261 449 0303


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Port moody -B,C



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