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How Cycorp Was Entrapped

Proof now exists that Cycorp is directly involved in the online harassment of Arabs, Muslims and Anarchists.

How Cycorp Was Entrapped

I have suspected since March of 2002 that Cycorp was behind the online harassment against me. The problem was proving the connection. The harassers did their best at posing as various other individuals and corporations and this led me astray several times. However, their ability to pose as any and all of my employers preceding Cycorp strongly suggests the involvement of Cycorp as they had collected information from these employers during the hiring process.

Until now, I had only evidence strongly suggesting their involvement. This evidence includes using Bill O'Reilly's Factor to smear me (seems absurd but it is documented), posting information from my personnel file online, posting quotes from telephone conversations with employees of Cycorp online, and disclosing other information that could only have come from forms I filled out with Cycorp's personnel department.

Due to the intense harassment of myself, my wife and my daughter by the online operation, I moved to a different location, publicly announced that I had moved away from Massachusetts and maintained silence on my current location since moving in April. In August I sent a fax directly to the director of the personnel department of Cycorp requesting specific information. I provided an address in Massachusetts to which Cycorp was to send the information. That address is not my address. I am not in Massachusetts and everyone following this online knows I am not in Massachusetts (that includes Cycorp as my logs show they read my websites). Immediately after sending the fax to the personnel department of Cycorp, the harassers (known as KOBEHQ) posted, online, that they knew my location, stated it was in Massachusetts, later posted the town of the address on the fax, and then published fake articles in my name stating that I was in Massachusetts. This disinformation was deliberately sent to Cycorp in order to see if it would surface online and to measure how long it would take for the information to be posted online. Both the accuracy of the posts which included the disinformation and the temporal latency prove that Cycorp is behind the harassment.

For those of you who do not know who Cycorp is, let me fill you in. Cycorp is a defense contractor. Included in their list of clients are DARPA, DISA, CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA and Homeland Security. While I was employed at Cycorp, one of the previous agencies offered a contract to Cycorp. The contract involved active participation in cyber warfare against "enemies of the state." It was clear from the conversation at the management meeting (at which I was a participant) that they targets were domestic.

- Stephen DeVoy

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