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Kerry, arrives

My Day, at the water front.
Kerry Bus 2
Kerry Bus 2
Arriving at the Hawthorn Br. I parked and locked my bike at the top of the x-it ramp to Old Front avenue. (I'm an Oldtimer) I make my way down to the park and jump in line. I arrived at about 9:00 AM and the crowds are building fast. As I stand in line for at least an hour & 1/2 with a Veterans ticket, I finally entered and was frisked. I was directed to a cordonned off area behind the podium platform. After what seemed like a long time in the sun, Bon Jovi came on and performed. Good Jam's! The local politicians spoke and I got to shake hands with the Gov, David Wu, Darlene Hooley, Earl Blumenhower, and a couple others. The crowd was gigantic and the heat was building. At the time Kerry's bus pulled up behind the platform on the esplanade, I snapped this flick as he got off the bus. As he started up one of the corridors left open for egress of the dignatary's I leaned over the fence just as He passed and just in time to grab his hand. He noticed my veterans patch on my shirt and really gave me a ferm grip with both hands. Made my day, shakeing hands with the next President of the United States of America, and a war hero, to boot! I was one happy camper with pictures to prove it. Only thing better is if I were to go home and write a letter to the editor and get it published! Bingo!!! It's in Saturdays Gresham Outlook, letters to editor. You guess which one? Great Weekend!

address: address: PO Box 849 Boring Oregon 97009

Congrats 15.Aug.2004 08:03


Sounds like a great day. Good for you.


Me to 15.Aug.2004 12:32


you had a good day. For all his limits there is any reason to not vote for Kerry in Oregon. Maybe if like Zinn I was still living in Massachusetts I'd vote for better. But this is grown up politics - you have to stop the monster.

Thanks for the photo Friday August13, 2004 Portland, OR - Bush 2300 Kerry 50,000