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The World According To Bush, Pt#1 of Pt#1

The World According To Bush, TV documentary, Part #1- transcript of intro (to be continued...)

"?you who received honours awards and distinctions, I say: well done.
And to the C students I say: you too can be President of the United States."

George W. Bush, Yale, May 21, 2001

Jean-Francois Lepetit presents?

Norman Mailer:
We have the worst President in America?s history. He?s Ignorant. He?s arrogant. He?s stupid in all ways but one ? which is he?s immensely shrewd about the American people ? particularly the less intelligent half of America, because they?re very happy with him in that they realize how stupid he is, and they say to themselves, ?wonderful ? if that stupid guy can be President, so can I.?

Robert Steele, CIA, Covert Operations:
We have elected a puppet for President. Actually, we didn?t elect him, he was appointed. His brother Jeb stole 50,000 votes in Florida, and his father?s Supreme Court appointed him.

Michael Ledeen, former adviser to President Reagan:
You know, if God has spoken to you and said, ?you?re going to be President?, [then] don?t worry about court decisions or recounts or things like that. All right - so he became President, but he didn?t know ?why?. Then on September eleventh he discovered ?why?.

"This is my last stop on my way to Washington to serve as your President. I?m excited about the work. I?ll come back soon. God Bless."

GWB, address in Midland prior to leaving Texas - January, 2001

In January 2001, George W. Bush left his native Texas for Washington. He had just the most controversial and muddled election in American political history.

The World According To Bush, Part #1

Eight years after his father--George Bush Senior--George W. became leader of the most powerful nation on earth. This was an unprecedented event in American history. All the major events of the past 12 years have taken place under a Bush presidency: the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the Communist Block, the first Gulf War, the events of 911, the worldwide spread of terrorism, and the second war with Iraq.

They can pray for me, they can pray for my little girls, they can pray for my wife, they can pray for our family.

James Robison:
Let?s do that. Let?s do that together even now, for this leader, and all of them.
Father, we ask you to bless our leaders, to direct our leaders, to re-direct when necessary our leaders, to correct our leaders, to comfort them, to protect them and their families. God, we ask that you to not only fill their hearts with love, but let them feel love from our heart toward them. I pray that this leader, our Governor Bush, will be one who never looks for the opportunity to strike out at someone, but rather to make a mark for good, and a mark for right. Bless him and his family, and protect him, in Jesus name.

James Robison, Televangelist:
When he was asked in one of the Presidential debates who he admired most as a philosopher or someone in history, he said Jesus Christ. He said it because he does admire his character, his principles, the practice of his life. He really had an encounter with God. He did acknowledge that he had battled with perhaps excessive alcohol and drinking. He not for a moment ever implied to me or in public that he was an alcoholic. But he told me that it was a problem, and he said that faith and his relationship with God had changed his life.

Michael Ledeen:
He?s the spoiled child of a rich family, and while he was growing up he had an awful lot of fun: a lot of parties, a lot of girls, a lot of alcohol - the normal kind of thing. At a certain point he had a religious experience. God spoke to him and said, ?prepare yourself, I have a mission for you.? And he stopped drinking. And he stopped philandering.

Robert Baer, CIA Covert Operations:
He considers he turned himself around because of religion., and he deals with a lot of conservative people, and they truly believe that they are right.

In an interview with an Austin newspaper, George W. declared, ?I?m invested with a divine mission: to promote the biblical world view in the policy carried out by the U.S.A." David Frum, Bush?s speech writer, witnessed the President in the Oval Office telling members of Protestant congregations how God had saved him from booze.

David Frum:
He said, you know I shouldn?t be here, I should be on a bar-stools in Texas, and I?m only here because of the power of prayer, because I found God.

Charles LEWIS, Center for Public Integrity:
The religiosity has a genuine quality to it ? it has effected his life, he does feel it in a deep way, and a lot of born again Christians who have met with Bush come away believing he is like them: he is them.

Robert BAER:
Everybody prays first thing in the morning. They?re believers ? they?re believers!
And they pray in the Whitehouse.

Bush declared during his campaign that ?Heaven is open only to those who accept Jesus Christ.?
John Ashcroft, his Attorney General, proclaimed, ?we have no King, but Jesus?.
At the Whitehouse, cabinet meetings took on an air of prayer meetings, where in between readings from the Old & New Testaments, those in the room managed the affairs of America and the world.

David FRUM:
When I entered the West-Wing, the very first thing I heard said was that you were missed at bible study, 'cause the evangelicals had a weekly bible study ? they had Christian fellowship ?and the religion was very important to that staff, and very important to that Presidency.

Jim HOAGLAND, Washington Post
I think Bush overdoes the religious aspect. It makes me uneasy, and I think it makes many Americans uneasy.

David FRUM:
It is not true that George Bush goes down on his knees and asks God, ?what should I do?? The idea that God gives him every morning an agenda: George Bush does not think like that. But he finds his source of strength in a religious faith.

Joseph TRENTO, Historian:
I mean, this administration kow-tows to religion ? to extreme religion.

Sam GWYNNE, Journalist:
Bush?s strongest base is the religious, conservative right wing.

Ed McAteer, who lives in Memphis, is a Christian-Zionist. He withdrew his support from GW because he rejects Dick Cheney as a suitable Vice President. His reasoning is quite surprising.

Bush says that he?s against homosexuality, yet he picked a Vice President whose daughter is a lesbian. Now, I tell people, I said, I?m not blaming the father for that, but George Bush new that when he picked him. And so, during the Republican convention that was played over and over--that lesbian girl--and she?s seen all over the country. People know that.

Arnaud De BORKGRAVE, Washington Times:
All of this is disturbing to many people, but it happens to be fact that the President is part of the Christian right.

The founder of the moral majority, Jerry Falwell, blamed pagans, gays and lesbians, according to him responsible for the September 11 attacks. Bush declared, ?Let us asks for God?s wisdom and presence in what we are undertaking. This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while?.

Stanley HOFFMAN, Harvard University
The Christian right has a foreign policy. They support Israel because it?s a nation which knows how to fight, and also because there is a strong anti-Muslim bent among those people.

Arnaud De BORKGRAVE, Washington Times:
We had Boykin? General Boykin? who is now head of intelligence at the Pentagon, who was preaching in his uniform like a born-again Christian on a crusade against Islam. General Boykin and the President think the same way.

General Boykin, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence:
"It?s not Usama Bin Laden. It?s not what you can see: it?s the enemy in the spiritual realm. "

Joseph TRENTO:
I mean you?ve got Boykin showing people slides over Mogadishu about when the Black Hawk down incident occurred, saying that here in the slide, that?s the devil ? that?s Satan flying over.

General Boikan, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

"Ladies and Gentleman, that?s no a fake. Whether you understand it or not, it is a demonic spirit."

Joseph TRENTO:
What it was, it was a predator aircraft taking pictures ? but he tells people that. This is the head of U.S. intelligence in the Pentagon. I mean ? what do you say to that?

Robert BAER:
They believe in God; they believe in a mission; they believe in a crusade against evil.

Jerry FALWELL (CBS Archives):
I think Mohammed was a terrorist. I?ve read enough history of his life written by Muslims and non-Muslims, that he was a violent man, a man of war.

James Robison, Televangelist:
If we are in harmony with God, then we should love people. If Islam is in contact with some spiritual force, as they claim to be, would that spiritual force want to annihilate everyone who disagreed with them? Well that would be another Hitler ? a white supremacist. I mean, this is a terrible thought.

I don?t hate the Arab people: I got Arab friends - I love ?em. But I?m a Bible believer, and see; God gave that land to Abraham, to the Jews. And I use a little clich? saying every grain of sand on that little piece of geography called ?Israel? belongs to the Jewish people.

Robert BAER:
Up to 60 million people identifying themselves with the Christian right believe that the state of Israel must exist at the end of history, and that?s how we?re all going to go to heaven. If it doesn?t exist--if it?s overrun by Muslims--we?re all going to go to hell.

This could be a gathering in Jerusalem, but we are in fact in deepest Colorado. None of the participants is Jewish, neither on stage, nor in the audience. This is the annual congress of the Christian Coalition of America. Thousands of people gather in this huge amphitheatre to acclaim the state of Israel.

They come to Jerusalem to demonstrate their support for Israel, simply because they believe it?s a step toward the ultimate victory of Christianity, since the Jews are considered spiritually blind for their rejection of Jesus. After a final battle between good and evil, many Jews will convert to Christianity, and non-believers will be damned and perish.

Michael Ledeen:
They are the most unrestrained total supporters of Israel tat you can find in the world. There?s a much higher percentage of American evangelicals who support Israel than of American Jews, believe me.

Arnaud De BORKGRAVE, Washington Times:
You have an alliance in the United States, which is a very important alliance. It?s not on paper: it?s a de facto alliance between the Christian right and the Israeli lobby. There?s a direct alliance there, and it?s rather an unusual alliance: it?s the first time I?ve seen it in my lifetime.

Ariel Sharon?s appearances before the Christian Zionists provoked rapturous ovations of the kind generally given to rock stars. For them, Sharon has been chosen by God to accomplish the prophecies relating to the end of time.

Ariel Sharon (at a Christian Coalition Conference):
"With God?s help and your solidarity, we will win ? we will win!"

Ariel Sharon has been received nine times by President Bush to private meetings, which is more than any other leader in the world. The only way to understand American foreign policy in the Middle East is to understand that Israel is an integral part of the American body politic. And just taking it one step further, to explain to Arabs how they can possibly relate to what we?re doing in the Middle East, is to think of Israel as the 51st American state. As a matter of fact, we treat Israel better than we treat most American states.

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