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A22 Bush Protest (8/22/02) Video Available Online - messages

On August 22nd, 2002, the people of Cascadia came to the streets of Portland, Oregon, in the first post-9/11 protest against the illegal bush regime. People still believed in the US constitution back then, so they brought their children to an event that was supposed to have been a non-violent expression of their right to dissent. Although the crowd was peaceful, they were met by phalanxes of armed riot police, snipers crouching on rooftops, and helicopter gun ships threatening from the sky. To their horror, they and their children were assaulted, beaten, arrested and attacked with chemical weapons. Even the most entrenched liberal came to realize it was the end of democracy in America. Riot porn to write home about.
This video has been online for a while but I thought it might be nice to put up some screenshots to take a trip down memory lane. I'm planning on having 3 articles worth of images.

A22 Bush Protest

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To everyone protesting later today: be loud, be safe, have fun.