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Taking video of 13 Aug 2004 events? Bit torrent them!

Using Bit Torrent will take some load off of the PIMC site and get all of us the media a lot faster.
I am willing to let my Bit Torrent client sit running in the background and work and home (both broadband connections) to upload video to those people who can't or won't go tomorrow.

homepage: homepage: http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/download.html

careful with raw video 13.Aug.2004 00:00

video fan

As was pointed out tonight you should be very careful with what you release on indymedia. One suggestion for videographers is to try and connect with the portland indymedia video collective to work on a larger project. One of the reasons the videos like Day X and A22 have been so good is the number of sources used and the collaborative work that went into them. However, once a video is produced bittorrent is an excellent means of distribution that people should get used to. It is the future (and the present really) of video distribution.

Bit Torrent is a bit confusing 13.Aug.2004 10:47

Chardman rich23@disinfo.net

I'm one of those folks who are a little bit confused as to how to make Bit-Torrent work.
And I'm not that technically dumb, either. When I've tried it, I found that it didn't work as described on the download site.
I understand that this technlogy is the future of file-stealing and I don't want to be left behind in our efforts to sink the RIAA.
Anybody got a lead on a good how-to site?

BitTorrent: not just for piracy anymore 13.Aug.2004 10:55

video fan

Well, what problems are you having? I mean, if you're downloading the official BitTorrent program all you need to do is double click the installer. Then when you click on a .torrent link it gives you a save-as dialog box. So, there's really not much to it. Perhaps you could explain what exactly you did and what you were expecting. A good faq can be found here:


Chardman 13.Aug.2004 19:53

torrent_fan xtrucial@hotmail.com

Like Mozilla Firefox or any other "cutting edge" software, Bit Torrent will not always work as advertised. My computer is pretty old in a lot of ways (e.g. 650 MHz processor) so sometimes it will flake out using modern software. For example, when I connect to a hugely popular torrent like that for Fahrenhiet 9/11, there will be too many threads for the CPU to handle. The download can crash outright or go a little way and then "pause" forever.

However, video_fan is right. There are ways around these kinds of problems. For instance, using Azureus ( http://azureus.sourceforge.net/) a "power user" version of the Bit Torrent client, I did not have the crashes problem. It supports large numbers of peers, multiple downloads, etc. If you don't like that client, though, here is a site with explanations of how the most popular clients differ: