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Recent vegetarian convert

I stopped eating meat.
It took about two months for me to wean myself off of eating dead animals. First I cut out red meat, then white meat, and finally seafood. But now I am solidly vegetarian. I lost weight (I am 6'0", I was in the lower 180 lbs, now I am in the lower 170s) and I have more energy. Most importantly--from their perspective at least!--I am not needlessly hurting other animals.

I just wanted to contribute something a little positive among the doom-and-gloom stories. Have a good Friday, everyone!
yes but just one question 12.Aug.2004 23:43


u have more or less gas? legume consumption still an important factor?

More gas, more nuts 12.Aug.2004 23:52

pdx_vege_guy xtrucial@hotmail.com

I have more gas. The thing is, while I have more gas, it stinks less. Meat-based gas is the worst. Any suggestions on that front? That is, is it possible to get rid of it, or nearly get rid of it?

I have always liked legumes/nuts and now I just like them more.

I like to fart! 13.Aug.2004 09:10


What's wrong with gas? I like the smell of mine. Meat is dead. Farting=love.

myths about protein and farts 13.Aug.2004 09:57

smelling my farts

A couple of points, one is that many foods that are not meat contain all the essential amino acids, and some of them even in the proper ratios for best absorption in the body. Anyone can get all the protein they need JUST from eating the grain quinoa, for example.

Also, often digestion gas is the result of the body not having enough of the enzymes needed to digest a particular food. Many foods can cause gas if not eaten enough, because the body stops making the enzymes that digest that particular food or doesn't make enough of them. Regular consumption of legumes, would lead to less gas from eating legumes because the body would have more of the needed enzymes as a result of the regular consumption.

Raw Vegetarian 13.Aug.2004 11:44

Mike mike@rawportland.org

Congratulations!! Now you can take the next step into raw and living foods. Check out my Yahoo! Group and website,

Check out the International Raw and Living Foods Festival in Hillsboro August 18-22, it is right off the MAX line at Washington Co. Fairgrounds.

If you'd like to taste the best raw gourmet food ever prepared, attend the Smart Monkey Foods Dinner next Wed. Aug. 18, I'll be there!! Details at

This dinner is $25 per entree, it is raw and organic and it is usually enough food for two people. There are also delicious raw organic gourmet dinners served every Tuesday at the Omega Gardens Cafe, next to the Daily Grind on SE Hawthorne at 41st. Details at

Here is info on the festival, it is mostly free to attend, the main speakers cost money.

Mmmmm Meat 13.Aug.2004 16:24

Flesh Lover

I love meat. In fact, I found out after the fact that aparently I was on the Atkins Diet. Hell lets face it, I'd make a perfect poster child for the diet. I see to it that almost every single meal is comprised mainly of meat. The best meals are when it is only meat.

The reason I tell you this is because I haven't had gas in years. I can't even remember the last time I farted. I am also very consistent with my constitutionals. I poop all the time, and it is great.

I used to have more than my fair share of gas. My wife would always complain, untill it reached the point of seperate rooms. I finally figured out what the problem was. I was eating too many vegtables. Ever scense I made this observation, I have been eating more meat, lots more meat. I even raise some of my own animals right hear in Portland (mainly goats, rabits, chickens, potbelly pigs). I like to look at it as if they are both my pets and my livelyhood, and I always have new pets each month.

Live life to its fullest. Eat meat.

Digestive gas 13.Aug.2004 20:50


caused by the *rate* (speed) at which you eat,

along with the amount of *air* you swallow with each mouthful of food.

(it has nothing specific to do with the type of food material ingested)

animal proteins cause much more poisonous digestive gas production, along with toxic skin/sweat excretions and mucus and lymph buildups which smell terribly.

monkeys, apes and humans are mammals whose digestive tract is optimized in length and enzyme/cellular makeup for plant matter consumption - not for the breakdown of animal meat.

Level 1 14.Aug.2004 09:21

Sweet smellin healthy person

More power to you my friend, literally.
You will find everything will level off in regards to your gas, energy level.
Your body is adjusting. I can eat raw foods and salads and not have a wiff of the pungent humanity.
It's been 26 years for me and what I remember the most from the original switch-over was the extra energy. Sweet.

Your shit don't stink? 14.Aug.2004 10:48


I've been vegan for 5 years and have recently started eating eggs for protien. The whole time I've been vegan my farts and poo stank. Most of the time my poo didn't stink as bad as it used to when I was an omnivore- but my farts never stopped stinkin. I've been around enough vegiterians to know ya'lls shit stinks.

thank you very much.

Then please don't go to any movie I might be at 14.Aug.2004 21:29


for seitan's sake, stay down wind from me heck. thank YOU very much.