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Report-back from video/legal training for Aug. 13 Kerry/Bush protests

This was a well-attended event, held at It's A Beautiful Pizza (which also hosts Videos from the Resistance showings). No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow (if anything), but the information was of a general type useful for any street protest you might attend. Some folks started planning specific places/times to protest Bush, and hopefully they'll announce something here as appropriate. Here's a quick summary of the evening....
Two representatives from the IWW's General Defense Committee talked about the jail support the GDC will be offering during the day (and into the night if necessary). They passed out flyers with the phone number to call if you're arrested. The GDC will call people for you, pass your information along to the Belmont Law Center, and arrange a ride home from jail for you. The number is (503) 234-4518.

Alan Graf ( http://www.hippielawyer.com), who is currently suing the city of Portland over treatment of protesters by police at the August 2002 Bush Protest ( http://portland.indymedia.org/archive/a22/), talked about the importance of videographers at protests. The footage he got from activists on the street in August 22 (and at later protests, during the Iraq War Protests) has proven invaluable in forcing the city to the bargaining table. Cops and city officials lie; video doesn't. Among the things he suggested videoing: cop name badges or ID numbers, cop brutality, the effects of pepperspray, shots that show a peaceful crowd (since cops and corporate media often lie and say people were violent).

Stu Sugarman of the Belmont Law Center gave a talk on legal rights. He said that if property destruction or violence (two different things!) are avoided, that charges are rarely severe if you're arrested. Of course some people are just scooped up; often the cops will charge people with something serious, then immediately drop it when the court date comes up, and go for a lower infraction. This works to get people off the street at that moment, waste their time when they're out, and spread an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. (It's all part of the criminalizing of dissent, really.) Stu suggested that when you post photos/stories, etc., to indymedia here, that you be careful not to incriminate anyone. He said he saw a photo from indymedia showing someone involved in a criminal act used as evidence against that protester in court. So please use good sense when posting here! (And remember that the corporate media has few qualms about sharing their footage with local or federal law enforcement. So keep out of their sights as much as possible. They're just cops of another stripe.)

People at this event seemed to want to know what's going on tomorrow re. Bush, protest-wise, since nothing had been announced yet. (As of this posting, i don't think anything solid has been yet.) People will be meeting at the fountain at the waterfront to protest Kerry tomorrow at 10am, so that's great, but Bush's locations are harder to get to. (Terminal 6, and a high school in far-flung Beaverton, not near the Max.) Obviously, Bush's itinerary -- far from downtown -- is no accident. The Aug. 22 protests were bad for the city and great for the activist community and probably embarrassing for W. and his people.

Anyway, at the end of the event, people were discussing various ideas, but i'll leave it to them to post or not post them as they see fit.

i'm not personally anticipating anything big or dramatic tomorrow, but tonight's video/legal training provided a wealth of information that would be useful at other protests (barring Code Red conditions, when all rights and rules are dropped, as far as i can tell). Good luck to everyone. Maybe i'll see you somewhere!

Summary saves 12.Aug.2004 23:29


Thanx for the summary. It saves me from attempting it at this late hour. Also, I didn't take notes. Too bad, as Alan Graf said an excellent quotation on justice.

The event was attended by about 50-60 of us. It was so cool to connect and feel the people power. The videos of Bush protests were outstanding. The three techs who put it together were introduced. I know one. He's the videotographer for Save Columbia Credit Union.

I saw familiar faces from previous protests, and a drummer from PPRC. Follow the drumming at Beaverton H.S. I'll see you there. Too bad 3 protests are happening so close together cuz I'd have liked to go to all of them. Peace, out.

Bush Protest at Southridge High School 13.Aug.2004 00:06

bhildy bhildy62@yahoo.com

We'll be gathering medical marijuana patients and supporters at the NE corner of the high school along SW 125th Ave at 12 noon. We'll be bringing plenty of signs for anyone who wants to join us. For more information, including updates, please go to www.parentsendingprohibition.homestead.com/act2.html.


Bill and Erin