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Free Trees and Plants

I'm not kidding!
Every year millions of healthy high-quality plants go unsold and are destroyed. They go to the dump,They get plowed under, They get burned or buried.

It's a huge waste.

They come from the very same growers that supply many of the most famous garden catalogs.
Plus, the owners of the site are big supporters of the sheltered workshop movement. Hundreds-of-thousands of disabled persons find meaningful jobs in workshops all across the country.
The website was created to solve both problems.
They give away the plants to anyone who will send shipping and processing.

Free Trees and Plants.com is not a nonprofit charity.?They do not ask for, or accept, contributions or?offer paid memberships.

Except for shipping and processing, Free Trees and Plants.com is a self-supporting project.
I'd say this is a worthy cause, wouldn't you?
I've already sent them money for some bulbs and 2 Gingko trees. Will post again when I receive them. Even if they're not in the best of shape, most of us have healing hands to bring them back to life (although they say on the site that the plants are in perfect condition), but I think it's a great way to donate to help our disabled population.
not able to display this page 13.Oct.2004 16:47

toledo, ohio

via birds and blooms magazine, went to order on-line free trees and plants but unable to access website - not able to display page?????????????

Cannot access webside 17.Oct.2004 12:39

Karen Edwards Albuquerque, New Mexico kedwards138@direcway.com

Saw the article in Gardening How-To and tried to order plants. Could not access webside....Problems?