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George Bush Visit to Little Beruit in January of 2002

Searching my archives I found another video from Bush's visit in 2002. This is where he stopped briefy somewhere on MLK Blvd., and then out to a high school, around 122nd and NE Sandy.
Short video of the community protest against George W. Bush when he briefly visited Portland on January 5, 2002.
This was an extremely spirited demonstration, though no one got anywhere near the Commander in Thief, as no one has been able to do since, or probably ever will. "W" is not a man of the people; rather, as Ralph Nader says, Bush is actually "a corporation mascarading as a human being."
I can't remember the number of participants, but there was a ton of people meeting at the park at 7th and NE Fremont, and marching down to MLK Blvd to where they were stopped by the police a few blocks north of where the pResident was scheduled to address a youth group.
After demonstrating on NE MLK, people gathered out at 122nd and Sandy to continue the activities. At one point, following a rousing parade led by the Infernal Noise Brigade from Seattle, all four lanes in both directions of 122nd and NE Sandy was shut down due to dancing and frolicing in the streets. Of course the dance police didn't allow this for long, but great fun was had by one and all.

Portland Protests George Bush (56K Stream)

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2002 Bush Demonstration